Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bathroom Bag Solution

Remember I posted a couple weeks ago about a bathroom idea?  I finally pulled it together over the weekend.

I was looking for a way to keep the girls' bathroom stuff organized, tidy, and separate from each others' stuff.  They have individual bags already, but the bags are forever on the counter, unzipped, and generally making a mess. 

So I bought a little hook thing at Target - paying a RIDICULOUS $8.99 - and mounted it in the bathroom.  Then I hung the girls' bags on it.

The only kink was getting the bags to lie near enough the wall not to bump the head of person who might be seated on the toilet.  So I put these "links" on one bag to help it hang lower than the rest.

So far it's been working well and the girls are happy to put their bags 'away' on their hook.


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