Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 15 Groceries - $72.96

I had a quick trip to Target all by myself on Monday night.  I only had 20 minutes until closing and I had a headache, but this introvert mama couldn't pass up the opportunity for a few more minutes along doing something I love.  I bought this brown sugar for $1.39 on sale with an MC & oregano for $0.69 on clearance with an MC. 

The girls and I went to Costco on Wednesday.  It's spring break and we're all a little stir crazy.  The carpets were cleaned in the early afternoon and I planned to get out of the house for the rest of the afternoon & early evening so the carpets could be left to dry in peace.

Has anyone else been to Costco with 4 kids?  It's like purgatory except you have a pretty good idea when it will end.  At least it wasn't busy.  We got a primo parking spot and there weren't many witnesses to the bedlam happening in my cart's vicinity.  I spent $54.01 on all this.  I needed more GF flour and Daiya cheese for my GF/DF kiddo.  I also picked up chili powder because I'm going to make my own taco seasoning.  I couldn't believe my old taco season had milk!  Dumb Whey.  I give raspberries in your general direction.  We did discover the veggie straws this trip.  One kid was particulary whiny so I looked for something we could all share.  Hooray for vegan snacks that are kinda potato-chippy! 

Our milk delivery was $12.87 and I bought 2 dozen eggs for $4.00 total.

Total groceries this week: $72.96
Total groceries year-to-date 2014: $966.96
Weekly Average in 2014: $64.46


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