Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Small Project - Homeschool Posters

I  know it doesn't seem like much, but even a small goal met is an accomplishment around here!  I got all our homeschool posters reorganized and rehung so I could include fit more on the walls. I wanted to hang:
  • Pledge of Allegiane
  • Cursive Alphabet
  • Days/Week & Months/Year 
  • Biblical Family Tree
  • Government Posters
Here's the old family room/kitchen/schoolroom:
Colors, Manners, & half of Numbers 1 to 10

Alphabet missing OPQ, UVW, & XYZ.

World Map & United States Map
 Here's what it looks like now:

Colors, Alphabet wraparound, Days/Week, Months/Year
Pledge of Allegience, States/Capitals, Goverment, Bible Family Tree
Cursive Alphabet, Manners
 Phew!  It's nice to get some of these posters out of the office and hung up!  I also feel much better have the whole manuscript alphabet up again since my 4 year old is learning her letters. 


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