Thursday, April 10, 2014

Diary-Free Tip: Bacon Grease

How can I do without butter?  My first option was to pick up margarine.  I hated that because margarine is so far from real food.  I just didn't want to use it to make my kids cookies, you know?  And what do I grease a pan with?  How do I keep my eggs from sticking? 

So a seasoned friend with a dairy-free kiddo recommended Earth's Balance.  It's a vegan spread and it does the job nicely.  But it's about $5.00 a pound. 

And it turns out margarine isn't dairy-free.  Doh!

Another friend suggested I just save my bacon grease and use that to grease pans & for non-stick.  It's genius and FREE.  I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier?  I could've saved a lot on shortening, olive oil, & cooking spray. 

A couple days ago I used it to grease my egg pan.  Last night I made the kids french toast and greased the griddle.  Today I'm going to try it for my bread pan.  Will it make the bread taste like bacon?  I'm going to find out!


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