Thursday, April 24, 2014

Freezer Fiasco

We came back from our 5 day Easter weekend to find our garage freezer door open about 2 inches.  The freezer had worked hard to fill the gap with ice, but now we're pretty frosted over. There's also some mess from a couple things defrosting in the door.  I know, it's not really a fiasco.  I just luuurve alliteration.  It's awfully awesome. 

I didn't think I'd manage to unplug this year, but now it looks like I might as well with all the ice I have to fight through now.  Look for very freezer-heavy meals the next few weeks.  I've got lots of bread, berries, beef, and a whole ham in here to use.

Eventually I'll move everything left into our inside fridge.  That's only a little crowded.  I can really pack that sucker when the time comes . . .
Goal will be to combine in one month or less!  That means a lot of cooking from the freezer in the next 4 weeks.  I don't even really know what's buried in both freezers.  Time for some organizing and planning.


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