Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 14 Grocery Shopping - $108.91

 I didn't grocery shop all week until Saturday when I did a big trip. 

First up was Fred Meyer for a very large list.  I found GF chocolate cereal that I wanted so DD#2 could participate in a special treat planned for the other girls, some GF salad dressing, more DF sour cream & butter (eep! $$$$), lettuce, potatoes, yogurt, etc.  The bargains were the dairy products.  The Activia 4 pack was $1.00 after coupons, the Tillamook Greek were $0.50 each, and the Nancy's organic whole milk yogurt were only $2.00 each!  I got another creamer for $1.00 after coupons, too.  Total spent was $62.56

I got a screaming deal on this cereal at Target.  Some varieties of Kellogg's were on sale for $3.00 and Buy One/Get One.  I didn't want any of the super-sugary junk and was excited to see Smart Start among the sale items.  Yummo!  So these 6 boxes of cereal cost just $9.00 on sale AND I had 2 - $1.00/3 Manufacturer's coupons bringing the price down to just $7.00 for all 6 boxes.  Finally, I noticed the boxes had a "Get $5 rebate" label on them with the purchase of 3 boxes.  So I went the Kellogg's website to enter the codes from the boxes and I am going to get two $5 rebates in the mail!  This cereal was FREE if those checks come.  The chicken was $5.99 regular price with a $2.00 off peelie and I had a $1.00 off printable Target coupon.  So it was $2.99 and I also got 5% off the whole purchase. Total spent $9.49 and I'll take the $10 off when I get the rebate check.
Finally, I stopped at QFC.  They had DF yogurt for $0.99.  It just killed me to pay that much, but it will sure help out when the other girls are having yogurt for snack.  I was excited to find these Turkey bratwurst on clearance for $2.39!  The packages are 18 or 19 oz so it's like $2/pound.  I didn't really want to buy all 5 packages, but how could I Not?  And I bought some coffee beans that I'm hoping to finally try and use my espresso machine with.  We'll see.  I spent $23.89.

 Our milk delivery was $12.87 and I didn't buy eggs from my friend this week.

Total groceries for the week: $108.81
Total year-to-date: $894.00
Average per week: $63.86


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