Sunday, April 20, 2014

2014 Week 16 Groceries - $35.34

This week was pretty mild in my grocery shopping world.  Visiting my family for Easter meant taking some of what we had on hand, but not a whole lot otherwise.

Monday night I went to Albertsons for get the 2# cheese for $4.99.  I was pleased to find the 1# ham on clearance and I had a coupon.  The broth was on sale for $0.50 each so I bought 10 cans.  A lot of the GF/DF recipes call for broth and I don't have much stockpiled.  I spent $15.97.

 I picked these up at Target on Tuesday night.  The crackers were $1.00 each after coupon and the coffeemate - 16 oz were also $1.00 each after coupon.  So $4.00 total.

My Aunt made spaghetti one night so we got some GF noodles for DD#2.  They were $2.50.

The milk delivery was $12.87 and no eggs this week.

Total spending week 16 - $35.34
Year-to-date 2014: $1,002.30
Weekly Average in 2014: $62.64


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