I, Dear Husband (DH), have a tough time understanding what my wife is writing sometimes. So we're making a glossary of terms to translate "a resourceful mommy" language into English.

Latest definition: "FM"

A Resourceful Mommy Glossary

DD - Dear Daughters. Daughters... we've got tons of them.

DH - Dear Husband. The term used in Mommy Blogs and forums to describe their husband in a respectful way with as few letters as possible.

FM - Fred Meyer. It's a grocery store in the northwest that also includes deli, bakery, meat, pharmacy, clothing, electronics, jewelry, Starbucks, home, and garden. It's sort of like a Wal-Mart or Target with a grocery department. Only FM is the opposite... grocery store first, and everything else comes second.

Markdowns - Any grocery store item that has had its price marked down (often with a percentage sticker, like "Half off"). You can usually find markdown bins in the back of the stores. You can also find markdown shelf areas in the meat sections of most grocery stores. Also, you might be able to find a markdown bin next to a bakery where they sell baked goods that are going to go bad soon. Read more about markdowns here.

More definitions coming!