Friday, November 24, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 37 - $268.43

Week 37: September 11-17

This was a big week!

Monday I went to Costco and spent $142.91.  I bought turkey roll-ups because my mom loves them and was coming to visit, 2 3-jar packs of organic spaghetti sauce, organic half & half, organic peeled garlic, 2 cases of coconut milk, a 4 pack of applesauce jars, a 3 pack of turkey lunchmeat, organic meatballs, 2 bags of organic tortilla chips, organic sugar, organic coconut oil, and something else for $8.59 that isn't clear from the receipt. 

I also stopped Monday night late at Fred Meyer.  I bought organic chicken thighs, a loaf of Udis bread, a gallon of organic milk, & spicy cheese curds on clearance.  I spent $20.38.

Thursday I went to Champion Foods and spent $22.50.  The receipt wasn't detailed but I'm sure it was groceries.

I also went to Fred Meyer Thursday.  I got a Daiya pizza, 5 big boxes of cereal for $2.09 each, Nabisco crackers for $1.79 each, a bottle of lemonade for $1.49, 8 cheap pizzas for $2.04 each, a bag of frozen french fries, a box of corn dogs, and two bricks of Tillamook cheese for $4.99 each.  I spent $64.41.

Friday I went to Fred Meyer again to pick up wine for a visit with a girlfriend.  I bought clearance deli salsa, clearance cheese curds,  clearance yogurt, clearance udi's bread, clearance hot dog buns, clearance vanilla creamer, and another loaf of Tillamook on sale for $4.99.  I spent just $18.23 on the food!

Week 37: $268.43
YTD 2017: $5,023.22
Weekly Average: $135.76

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