Friday, November 24, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 35 - $102.15

Week 35:  August 28-September 3

Wednesday I was at QFC for milk & fruit.  When there I found organic whole chicken for $2.02/lb.  I bought 4 of them!  Also organic celery, some nectarines, peaches, bananas, and some Hershey's candy.  Also on clearance I found a Kroger pizza for $2.99, a package of croissants for $2.99, some chicken breast & GF cupcakes.  I spent $74.30.

I was back at QFC Sunday again for milk & 3 bags of chips for a potluck.   I also got donuts on clearance, 2 theo chocolate bars, & 4 tubs of organic yogurt.  I spent $27.85.

Week 35 Total: $102.15
YTD Total: $4,681.16
Weekly Average: $133.75


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