Friday, November 24, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 38 - $148.48

Week 38: September 18-24

I was at Fred Meyer late at night on Monday again.  I bought 2 tubs of ice cream and a box of ice cream bars.  I also bought 4 bags of chicken nuggets, a gallon of organic milk, corn tortillas, Daiya pizza, a head of organic romaine, a package of hot dogs, 3 boxes of cereal, 3 cans of soup, a can of green chilis, a can of tomatoes, organic potatoes, organic apples, bananas, organic peaches, & a loaf of bread.  I spent $69.54.

Saturday I was at Fred Meyer again for more bananas, some almond milk, muffins & a donut for our road trip breakfast.  I spent $9.27. 

Sunday we made it to Utah for vacation and I shopped for the week to supplement what we'd brought along.  I bought a big can of coffee, 4 boxes of microwave popcorn, 2 cans olives, barbeque sauce, 2 boxes of cereal, a can of spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, organic lemonade, a loaf of white bread, 2 packages of organic chicken, ground turkey, 2 cucumbers, a red onion, 2 heads of romaine, some tomatoes, 2 mangos, and something frozen (?) for $11.36.  I spent $69.67.

Week 38 Total: $148.48
YTD Total: $5,171.70
Weekly Average: $136.10


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