Friday, November 24, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 36 - $73.63

Week 36: September 4-10

I dashed into Albertson's on Wednesday for some salad mixes.  We were providing salad that night for a temporary homeless shelter at our church.  I spent $12.00.

Friday I took a kiddo shopping with her birthday money to Fred Meyer.  I bought 2 tubs of sour cream, creamer, 2 loaves of bread, organic cottage cheese, 2 bags of Daiya cheese, a markdown produce bag, a box of Daiya mac'n'cheese, 5 bags of goldfish, a loaf of Udis bread, and 10 chocolate bars for $.50/each. I spent $42.23.

Saturday we had to take tapas to a party and again, I had no time to prepare something.  So we picked up some marinated olives & artichoke hearts on the way to the party.  I assembled them on a plate when we got there.  We spent $19.40.

Week 36 Total: $73.63
YTD Total: $4,754.79
Weekly Average: $132.08


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