Monday, March 27, 2017

GF/DF Menu Plan

Typical week, not too busy.

Monday - Stuffed Shells, Pizza pasta for DD2
Tuesday - Teriyaki Chicken
Wednesday - Beef Stew
Thursday - Taco Soup
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - Saucy Chicken
Sunday - Popcorn & Smoothies

Monday - Organic chicken sausage
Tuesday - Nachos
Wednesday - Waffles
Thursday - Corndogs
Friday - Finger food lunch
Saturday - Italian sausage soup
Sunday - packed lunch, likely leftovers


Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 12 - $122.51

Typical week this week.

My friend who gleans shared some items with me including a loaf of organic bread, a box of organic grape tomatoes, organic potatoes, & bananas.  I was thankful to get it and I worked it into my meal plan for the week.

I went to Fred Meyer Monday afternoon for milk and ended up spending $42.15 on all sorts of stuff.  I bought the milk, 2 bags of chips, 2 packages of clean hot dogs for $2.99 each, chicken strips for $6.25 & corndogs for $3.75, chocolate milk for $1.00, clearance creamers for $1.89 each, a gf/df pizza on sale for $7.19, saltines for $0.99, and 3# organic potatoes for $2.49.

Friday I dashed into QFC for 4 bags of chips and a macaroni salad for our potluck contribution.  I spent $14.25!

Later that night I was back at QFC since we needed milk.  I found ricotta on clearance for just $0.99 each so I bought big shells to make stuffed shells.  I bought some gf, acient grain chips in clearance for $1.99 each, clean guacamole on clearance for $1.79 each, a deli chicken on clearance for $4.79, a big package of pepperoni, an organic bell pepper and a lemon.  I spent $44.52.

I stopped into QFC today just to see what was there.  I found organic stew beef on clearance for $7.49/lb, organic hummus for $2.49, some bananas, & baking powder.  I spent $21.59.

Week 12 Total: $122.51
YTD 2017 Total: $1,373.57
Weekly Average: $114.46


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Menu Plan

I made quick menu plan for the week,

Monday - coconut curry (crockpot) & rice
Tuesday - hamburgers
Wednesday - pot roast
Thursday - French toast
Friday - potluck: chips & macaroni salad
Saturday - popcorn & smoothies
Sunday - chicken curry (different curry than Monday)

Monday - pbj
Tuesday - corndogs
Wednesday - taco salad
Thursday - mac'n'cheese
Friday - ramen & pbj (other soup for DD2)
Saturday - chicken/millet sautee
Sunday - crockpot stew

Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 11 - $272.01

Another big week, but I feel so much better about having my fridge stocked!

Monday I went to Fred Meyer late at night.  We needed milk, cheese, and I wanted some hamburger patties to use up leftover hamburger buns.  Cereal was on sale 3/$5 for I picked up 3 boxes that didn't ring up correctly and I'm only now noticing - RATS. I got 2 coffee creamers for $1.99 each, chicken nuggets for $4.99, and a package of cheap hot dogs for $1.49.  I hate buying cheap hot dogs, but DH asked for them.  I bought regular corn dogs for quick, easy lunches because they were on sale.  I bought a couple bags of chips for kid treats with a store coupon making them $1.51 each, a bag of tortilla chips for $0.60 after coupon, shredded cheese for $2.68/pound after a coupon, and organic yogurt for $2.79 for a big tub.  On clearance I found a loaf of organic bread for $1.79 and lunchmeat ham for $2.99.  Milk was on sale so I got two gallons & those hamburger patties were just $5.49.  I also bought some brick cheese. $3.00/lb for Kroger and a no-dye cheddar loaf from Darigold was $5.79.  I spent $69.05 altogether.

I knew I needed Daiya cheese, but it was $4.99 at Fred Meyer.  So I got online Wednesday morning and found it for $3.89 on Amazon Now.  So I placed an order, also buying organic spinach for $3.99 for a dinner I made this week and syrup so I could use up some pancake mix on a kid lunch.  I spent $30.31 on this delivery.

Friday night, DH and I had a date night.  We saw an early movie, ate pizza together at Costco and shopped.  I bought 2 cases of organic coconut milk since it was on sale, feta cheese, Annie's snacks that on sale worked out to $0.25 each snack (my price point), organic garlic cloves, organic frozen corn, organic syrup, organic baby carrots, organic salad mix, organic sausages (also on sale so $3.99 per pack in stead of $4.99) for the kids' lunches, and organic chicken thighs (the small package possible), and conventional brick cheddar for just $4.99, feta (again, the smallest package possible), tortillas, shredded cheese for $2.59/lb, curry sauce I love, bananas, & oranges.  I spent a big $159.59.  And I reassured my husband that even buying a lot of organic food, I spend less than most folks buying conventional groceries.  I think.

I had a date with DD1 this afternoon and we ended up at the Dollar Store.  I bought some ramen & cup noodles.  Then we went to Haggen since we were in the neighborhood and I got organic romaine heads for $2.79 each bag of 3 and some no-dye Darigold cheddar for $5.49.  Between the two stores I spent $13.07.

Week 11 Total:$272.01
YTD 2017: $1,251.06
Weekly Average: $113.73

Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 10 - $95.40

A pretty average week for Week 10.

My first shopping trip was QFC on Monday.  I found myself in Bellevue with an hour to kill so I stopped at the closest grocery store for tortilla chips, cereal, and any other bargains I could find.  I scored with clearance Tony Roma's pulled pork for $2.99 in the one pound package.  I bought 5 packages and was able to use them for our potluck dinner Friday night.  I added 2 cans of shredded chicken that were in my pantry to add bulk (thanks to my friend & mom of 7, Stephanie, who suggested it!).  I also found some clearance baby snacks for $0.29/ea, clearance hummus for $2.29, and I picked up 3 organic zucchini and an organic cucumber.  Cereal was on sale for $2.00 and I got a free half-gallon of organic milk for buying 4 boxes.  I had a $1.00/3 MC, too, for the cereal.  A sweet friend also gave me some gf tortillas & gf pizza crust Monday so I added them to the picture.  I spent $32.66 on food at QFC.

Next was a Friday trip to Fred Meyer for hamburger buns I needed for the pulled pork potluck that night and brown sugar that the kids kept begging for since their morning oatmeal wasn't the same with honey or white sugar.  DD2 asked me to buy apple juice for her sleepover that night.  I also found baby food on clearance for $0.79/2-pack and chunk pineapple for $0.69/can.  I spent $12.68.

I was also at QFC Friday with DD2 after our weekly Bible study.  I bought organic 1% milk on clearance for $3.29 and a regular price ($5.99) organic whole milk.  I found 2 cake mixes on clearance for $0.79 each, clean ravioli on clearance for $2.49 each, organic chicken thighs on clearance for $3.37/lb, a clearance lemon pound cake for $2.99 for a playdate, and some nice candy on clearance, too.  I'm saving that candy for gifts so I'm not including it in the grocery budget.  I bought organic bell peppers for $1.00 each, bananas, an organic cucumber, and regular grapes for $1.78/lb.  I spent $33.54 on groceries.

Saturday I was back at Fred Meyer for eggs and a lemon so I could make food for a brunch in Sunday school the next day.  I also bought a gf/df pizza because DH and I were going out that night and pizza would be an easy dinner for the sitter.  I bought asparagus, roma tomatoes, and organic apples.  I spent $16.52 on food.

Total for Week 10: $95.40
YTD 2017 Total: $979.04
Weekly Average: $97.90


p.s. I know I haven't been buying much fruit.  My kids are still plowing through several quarts of canned applesauce and 1 to 2 quarts of canned peaches each week.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 9 - $110.78

This week was pretty light for shopping, but I remembered some candy I bought on Amazon last month so I added it in.

We flew home Wednesday & I stopped at the Eagle discount store near my Aunt's again.  I spent $5.01 on 6 cup-o-noodles & 3 boxes of organic mac'n'cheese.

I went to QFC once home for a few 'easy' cook items for DH since I was leaving for a women's retreat for the weekend.  I bought regular corndogs, gf corndogs, 2 bags of chips for $1.99 each, bananas, apples & oranges on clearance, 2 gallons of whole milk, a gf/df pizza (not pictured), and found veggie sticks and organic chicken breast on clearance.  I spent $50.48.

Back in February I bought organic candy for DD2.  We had a rough time after the artificial colors in the Valentine candy so I hunted down some reasonable prices.  I bought this big bag for $13.99.  It had 85ish pieces so I figured at about $0.17 per piece of candy I'd go ahead and get it.

I also bought these which are like Starburst and sooo delicious.  I bought 3 bags at $3.49 each and it also worked out to about $0.17 per piece of candy.

These suckers were a good deal, too, at $7.38.  They worked out to about $0.19 each.

The best deal were these hard candies.  They were a variety pack of 12 different kinds and each pack had at least 15 pieces so they were well under $0.10 per candy.  They were $23.45.

Week 9 Total: $110.78
YTD 2017 Total: $883.64
Weekly Average: $98.18