Saturday, March 11, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 9 - $110.78

This week was pretty light for shopping, but I remembered some candy I bought on Amazon last month so I added it in.

We flew home Wednesday & I stopped at the Eagle discount store near my Aunt's again.  I spent $5.01 on 6 cup-o-noodles & 3 boxes of organic mac'n'cheese.

I went to QFC once home for a few 'easy' cook items for DH since I was leaving for a women's retreat for the weekend.  I bought regular corndogs, gf corndogs, 2 bags of chips for $1.99 each, bananas, apples & oranges on clearance, 2 gallons of whole milk, a gf/df pizza (not pictured), and found veggie sticks and organic chicken breast on clearance.  I spent $50.48.

Back in February I bought organic candy for DD2.  We had a rough time after the artificial colors in the Valentine candy so I hunted down some reasonable prices.  I bought this big bag for $13.99.  It had 85ish pieces so I figured at about $0.17 per piece of candy I'd go ahead and get it.

I also bought these which are like Starburst and sooo delicious.  I bought 3 bags at $3.49 each and it also worked out to about $0.17 per piece of candy.

These suckers were a good deal, too, at $7.38.  They worked out to about $0.19 each.

The best deal were these hard candies.  They were a variety pack of 12 different kinds and each pack had at least 15 pieces so they were well under $0.10 per candy.  They were $23.45.

Week 9 Total: $110.78
YTD 2017 Total: $883.64
Weekly Average: $98.18


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