Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 48 - $162.52

A reasonable week for Thanksgiving!

First stop was Costco on Monday night.  I picked up two bags of organic tortilla chips & two bags of veggie straws, two dozen organic eggs, organic hummus, & bananas.  I spent $31.73.

I went to QFC Wednesday morning in hopes of a thawed turkey (since I hadn't pulled mind from the freezer).  No luck, but it thawed just fine in the sink of cold water.  I bought chips for $1.88 each for a Thanksgiving treat.  I bought an apple pie my mother-in-law likes, the special rolls my sister-in-law likes, fresh green beans, celery, and an organic butternut squash for our dinner.  I also bought a pumpkin pie and cool whip because well, Thanksgiving.  I found soy yogurt on clearance, guacamole on clearance, several organic cottage cheese on clearance for $1.49 each, and some wild rice for a healthier stuffing I ended up not making. I bought onions & zucchini, organic half and half, whipped cream, organic milk, and a 20 pound turkey, too.  I spent $81.41.

And I went to Fred Meyer Friday afternoon to buy bread and ended up buying a bunch of stuff on clearance including apples, applesauce squeezies, crackers, organic beans, tomato sauce, evaporated milk, coconut milk, and organic chicken broth.  I bought the bread, grapes, bananas, 7# clementine oranges, green onions, and a head of lettuce, too.  I spent $25.77.

DH also went to the store for a couple things on Thanksgiving.  He spent $23.61 on potatoes, 2 gallons of organic milk, 3 bottles of sparkling cider and two bottles of salad dressing.

Week 48 Total: $162.52
YTD 2016 Total: $7,572.23
Weekly Average: $157.75

Monday, November 21, 2016

GF/DF Menu Plan

I miss making a menu plan!  Life is just easier with it.

Monday - pizza
Tuesday - Saucy chicken
Wednesday - Sausage stew
Thursday - Turkey and all the fixings
Friday - Turkey Soup or dinner out
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - popcorn & smoothies

Monday - Finger food lunch
Tuesday - Quesadilla
Wednesday - chicken curry
Thursday - hors d'oevres before dinner
Friday - leftovers
Saturday - Turkey soup or sausage soup
Sunday - pot roast

2016 Groceries Week 47 - $145.14

I went to Fred Meyer for milk and found udi's on clearance.  I bought 2 packages of hot dog buns and cinnamon rolls.  Grapes were on sale, as were organic pears and broccoli.  I also got some lunchmeat on clearance.  I spent $35.69.

Wednesday morning I ran into QFC for corndogs & fries since I was spending the day with a friend and providing lunch for the dozen kids between us!  I setn $8.97 on those things.

Friday DD2 and I shopped at QFC for birthday food.  We bought lemonade, chips, strawberries, licorice, jack cheese, and pretzels for the party.  I bought cucumbers, bananas, mlk, apples & potatoes for regular use.  I also found silk yogurt and pita bread on clearance and had a coupon for Brookside treats.  I also bought a turkey for thanksgiving.  I spent $51.49.

I was back at QFC Saturday to pick up birthday cupcakes and I found some clearance potatoes, almond milk yogurt, and bell peppers.  I also bought puffs for DS since we're on our last container.  I also bought apple juice, a veggie tray, and those cupcakes (not pictured).  I spent $20.43.

Finally, we stopped at Grocery Outlet for an emergency potty stop Sunday.  I found 6-packs of organic fruit roll-up for $0.99 so I bought a case of 12.  I also found organic chicken thighs for $2.49/lb!  I bought 3 packages.  I spent $28.56 altogether.

Week 47 Total: $145.14
Year to Date 2016: $7,409.71
Weekly Average: $157.65

A good week! I'm kicking myself though.  I should have bought every package of the organic chicken thighs for that price.  Oh well.   My freezer is so frosted over I just didn't want to deal with finding space for it.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 46 - $100.74

This week I felt like I shopped much less than usual.

Monday I went to Costco for a few things.  I spent $45.95 on organic tortilla chips, organic coconut milk, pecans, dye-free cheddar, & spaghetti sauce.

We had a birthday this week so I went to the Dollar Store for balloons & picked up a couple things, too.  I spent a big $3.00 on lemon juice & olives.

Tuesday I went to QFC for creamer & found some organic potatoes on clearance for $0.99, some baguette rounds for $0.99, cream cheese that was $0.74 after a store coupon, & progresso soup for $0.74 each after a store coupon.  I spent $18.51 on food.

Finally I went to QFC again on Friday.  I needed milk & found some great clearance deals on lettuce, prepared veggies, organic mushrooms, organic sour cream, organic green tea & a bit of deli chicken salad.  I also bought hot dog buns, creamer, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, 2 onions, & a few bananas.  I spent $33.28 on food items.

This week I spent $100.74 in total.
Year-to-date 2016: $7,264.57
Weekly Average: $157.93

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 45 - $228.61

This week was a little big.  I need to stay away from the stores. There was a lot of clearance including Halloween candy, pico de gallo, applegate peach jerk sausages, organic cottage cheese, Earth's Best crackers for baby, puree pouches for baby, silk yogurt cups, almond milk yogurt cups, baby puffs, baby yogurt, lunchmeat, apples, & jars of baby food.  I went to buy a pizza (not pictured), creamer, & fruit (I ended up with bananas & organic pears).  I also picked up daiya cheese & dye free Darigold cheddar since they were reduced price while I was walking by.  I spent $67.34.

I went to Costco Tuesday and picked up parmesan & eggs, but couldn't find the corndogs I wanted.  I also bought some cheese, granola bars, & organic fruit snacks.  I spent $52.75.

My friend is part of a gleaning ministry & she called me Tuesday & said to come pick stuff up.  Lots of  gluten free tortillas, gluten free cupcakes, organic lettuce, two asian chicken salads, 2 cans of formula, & very ripe organic bananas.  Free.

I was at the store again on Wednesday - this time Fred Meyer.  I was there for milk & potatoes but found way more, of course.  I picked up corndogs, almond coconut milk since DD2 was running low, nitrate free bacon, organic half & half, organic yogurt, alexa fries, & a little bit fruit with bananas, mangoes, & apples.  I also found brick daiya and on clearance baby food & lunchmeat.  I spent $55.70.

I actually skipped a day at the store Thursday, but was at QFC Friday for a date with a kiddo & just dashed around the clearance areas.  I found a bean-based cereal on clearance because it was Halloween themed.  3 of the 4 kids liked it.  I was cracking up at the name: Bats & Boos (Booze).  I also found some nitrate free bacon & Hebrew National hot dogs on clearance.  I spent $25.11.

And finally, I was at Fred Meyer on Saturday to catch the tail end of their sale. I bought organic potatoes, organic milk, organic salad dressing (on clearance), bananas, bread, pepperoni, and two pizzas.  I found some clearance apples & romaine heads in the produce clearance. I spent $27.71.

Oh my goodness!  I was at the store 5 days out of 7!  

Week 45 Total: $228.61
YTD 2016 Total: $7,163.83
Weekly Average: $159.20


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 44 - $134.16

I went to Fred Meyer late Wednesday night for milk & finally had coupons with me so I found some good deals.  Cereal was $1.50, limit 6, and I had a $1.00/2 MC. Nabisco crackers were on sale for $1.88 and I had a $1.00/2 MC, so $1.33 each. I had $1.50 off frozen chicken & bags were on sale for $5.99, Chicken nuggets on sale + coupon  = $4.49,  GF/DF pizza on sale for $5.99 and a $1.00 off coupon, Earth Balance 'butter' was $5.19 and I had a $1.00 off coupon, I also bought corn tortillas, a loaf of honey sweetened bread, bananas & organic pears.  I spent $43.43 on food.

I tried to bake on Thursday for my kids and realized I was out of eggs.  So off to the store Friday.  I bought 2 dozen eggs for $2.50 each, I found some clearance deals including a loaf of udi's cinnamon raisin bread, 5 organic baby food pouches for $0.49 to $0.79 each and a 2 pack of conventional baby food, a $1.00 bag of 3 onions, a $1.00 bag of 3 lemons, a baguette and some parsley for a recipe I made that night.  I also found 21 bags of clearance apples.  They were mostly between 28 and 32 oz but there were 2 bags well over 2 pounds so I'm estimating 40 pounds of apples.  I spent $36.31.

And I went to Fred Meyer again on Saturday because I wanted to get more of the good price on cereal as well as take advantage of the GF/DF pizza that was on sale for $5.99 instead of the usual $7.99.  I bought 6 boxes of cereal, 3 pizzas, milk, and found clearance deals on more baby food, canned corn, cooking spray, bananas, a broken baguette, and 3 packages of 6 Special Dark bars.  I spent $54.42.

Overall, not a huge week, but a good one for stocking the pantry & freezer.

Week 44 Total: $134.16
YTD 2016 Total: $6,935.22
2016 Weekly Average: $157.62