Monday, November 21, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 47 - $145.14

I went to Fred Meyer for milk and found udi's on clearance.  I bought 2 packages of hot dog buns and cinnamon rolls.  Grapes were on sale, as were organic pears and broccoli.  I also got some lunchmeat on clearance.  I spent $35.69.

Wednesday morning I ran into QFC for corndogs & fries since I was spending the day with a friend and providing lunch for the dozen kids between us!  I setn $8.97 on those things.

Friday DD2 and I shopped at QFC for birthday food.  We bought lemonade, chips, strawberries, licorice, jack cheese, and pretzels for the party.  I bought cucumbers, bananas, mlk, apples & potatoes for regular use.  I also found silk yogurt and pita bread on clearance and had a coupon for Brookside treats.  I also bought a turkey for thanksgiving.  I spent $51.49.

I was back at QFC Saturday to pick up birthday cupcakes and I found some clearance potatoes, almond milk yogurt, and bell peppers.  I also bought puffs for DS since we're on our last container.  I also bought apple juice, a veggie tray, and those cupcakes (not pictured).  I spent $20.43.

Finally, we stopped at Grocery Outlet for an emergency potty stop Sunday.  I found 6-packs of organic fruit roll-up for $0.99 so I bought a case of 12.  I also found organic chicken thighs for $2.49/lb!  I bought 3 packages.  I spent $28.56 altogether.

Week 47 Total: $145.14
Year to Date 2016: $7,409.71
Weekly Average: $157.65

A good week! I'm kicking myself though.  I should have bought every package of the organic chicken thighs for that price.  Oh well.   My freezer is so frosted over I just didn't want to deal with finding space for it.


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