Sunday, November 29, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 48 - $127.30

I flew back home Tuesday and immediately went to the store for milk, fruit and the tortilla chips DH requested.  I found some clearance breakfast sausage and organic rolls, too.  I spent $19.03

48.57 qfc friday
79.39 qfc wednesday

I went back to the store Wednesday morning for Thanksgiving food.  DH and I had discussed skipping the big meal prep this year and just going out, but my kids were eager for the traditional meal.  I was OK with that, but DH said only if I could do it "lite" with less work than usual.  So I bought a small bird (not pictured), bought pies, bought whipped cream, used the rolls I bought the night before, and made instant mashed potatoes.  I couldn't bring myself to use fake gravy so I made the real stuff.  I also made small dishes of stuffing (from a box) and green bean casserole.  This shopping trip also included eggs, crackers, cream cheese, celery, sour cream, ice cream, a ham, and clearance cereal, cottage cheese, canned tomatoes, gf cookies, yogurt, and angel food cake.  Also on clearance was a different produce bag than usual.  For $1.00, one bag had a pomegranate and 2 apples.  For another $1.00, a bag had a bell pepper, 2 lemons, a lime and a tomato.  I loved the mixed bag instead of the all-one-variety like usual.  I spent  $79.39 on this big trip and kicked myself for forgetting a gift card we were given.  Oh well, it will help in December.

Finally I went to the store on Friday at the request of my sweet M-I-L who is visiting.  She asked for sliced bread and we were low on milk.  I found a clearance pizza and croissants and remembered I needed diapers as I was headed for the checkstand.  So I went to grab them and realized they pushed me over the $30 needed for a $0.69/lb turkey.  So I grabbed a big turkey and ended up spending $28.88 on food including that big turkey!

Week 48 Total: $127.30
2015 Year-to-Date: $$5,286.74
Weekly Average: $110.14


2015 Groceries Week 47 - $56.22

Week 47 was a really light week.  I was busy at home trying to get back into a school routine, and getting ready for me and baby to make a quick plane trip to Colorado.  It helped tremendously that a girlfriend came for a visit and brought food for us.  Seriously, 2 Costco pizzas, frozen GF pizza, Costco Caesar salad, mini cinnamon rolls and I think something else I can't remember right this second.  Anyway, we were reasonably well-stocked.  I had planned to go the grocery store Friday night before I left town Saturday, but DH took 3 of the girls out and got home after 10:30pm!  Too late for me to hit the grocery store, so I didn't leave DH as prepared as usual.

My one shopping trip was on Monday to QFC.  I realized that I could get a turkey for $0.69/lb if I spent $30 otherwise, so I picked up enough to meet that amount.  Altogether I spent $46.54 including the 22 lb turkey.

I flew to Colorado on Saturday and picked up some food for myself at Target there.  I spent $9.68.

Week 47 Total:$56.22
2015 Year-to-Date: $5,159.44
Weekly Average: $109.78

2015 Groceries Week 46 - $94.35

This week was light shopping. DH was out of town for 5 days so I didn't venture out much.  I would have had to shop with the kiddos which is challenging at best.

I went to Target for a pacifier clip Monday and picked up a pizza, some clearance snacks & olive oil, and some junk food.  I spent $10.46.

I did take the kids to Costco Friday.  We bought organic carrots, veggie straws, cheese, a pizza, butter, tortillas, organic meatballs, and a package of coconut curry.

I am picking up this post now, 2 weeks later . . . I'm so behind in posting that I managed to the lose the receipt for this shopping trip.  I can see the total receipt amount on my online banking, but it doesn't tell me food v. non-food.  My best calculation is $75.21 on food.

I had one more dash into QFC where I picked up a gallon of milk and something else (again, receipt lost) for $8.68.

Week 46 Total: $94.35
2015 Year-to-date: $5,103.22
Weekly Average: $110.94

Sunday, November 8, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 45 - $99.17

It was a light shopping week.  I'm so thankful for the many meals provided by our friends these last weeks.  Between the meals and the leftovers I've had to cook very little.

I went to Costco Wednesday and spent $71.73.  I went ahead and bought some bulk items I'd been putting off like pine nuts that were over $20 (!), organic quinoa, and pecans.  I also got suckered into buying some allergen free cookies.  They are yummy but way too expensive.  Let's hope my GF kiddo finds them amazing.

We had planned to attend an American Heritage Girls overnight event on Friday so I picked up my potluck contributions of sour cream, guacamole, and salsa Friday afternoon.  The salsa and guac weren't on sale so I spent much more than I normally would.  I also found some organic refried beans on clearance as well as some Clif bars.  I spent $21.85.

I also had a run into the store during the week for a gallon of milk.  $5.59 at QFC.

Week 45 Total: $99.17
Year-to-Date Total: $5,008.87
Weekly Average: $111.31


Thursday, November 5, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 44 - $92.92

Week 44 was all about Fred Meyer.  We are still being blessed with meals from friends so grocery shopping isn't as urgent and it's been fun to hunt bargains.  Fred Meyer fit the bill this week.

Monday I shopped late at night and found cereal on sale.  When I matched it with coupons each box fell below my price point of $1.67.  Normally we'd be eating oatmeal by now, but with the new baby cereal is easier for the time being.  Crackers were on sale, I had a coupon for cookies, and I bought white bread & cucumbers to make cucumber sandwiches for a tea party.  The GF hot dog buns were on clearance for $2.49 so I picked them up.  I really hate paying $0.62 for a single GF bun, but the full price is twice that.  And we don't have hot dogs very often at all.  Anyway, I spent $24.17 on food.

I went to Fred Meyer again on Friday to get more cereal.  I didn't take a photo, but I spent $29.77 on 3 more boxes of cereal, a gallon of organic milk, a dozen organic eggs, guacamole, 2 packages of clearance nitrate-free hot dogs, a gallon of almond milk, and frozen corndogs.

One more run on Saturday for still more cereal - 7 boxes, 3 boxes of crackers, 3 boxes of granola bars, and 4 packages of Hebrew National hot dogs.  I spent $38.98.

Week 44 Total: $92.92
Year-to-date Total: $4,909.70
Weekly Average: $111.58

This is much higher than the prior years' averages at this point. 2014 was $90.39 at 44 weeks and 2013 was $101.63.