Sunday, November 8, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 45 - $99.17

It was a light shopping week.  I'm so thankful for the many meals provided by our friends these last weeks.  Between the meals and the leftovers I've had to cook very little.

I went to Costco Wednesday and spent $71.73.  I went ahead and bought some bulk items I'd been putting off like pine nuts that were over $20 (!), organic quinoa, and pecans.  I also got suckered into buying some allergen free cookies.  They are yummy but way too expensive.  Let's hope my GF kiddo finds them amazing.

We had planned to attend an American Heritage Girls overnight event on Friday so I picked up my potluck contributions of sour cream, guacamole, and salsa Friday afternoon.  The salsa and guac weren't on sale so I spent much more than I normally would.  I also found some organic refried beans on clearance as well as some Clif bars.  I spent $21.85.

I also had a run into the store during the week for a gallon of milk.  $5.59 at QFC.

Week 45 Total: $99.17
Year-to-Date Total: $5,008.87
Weekly Average: $111.31


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