Sunday, November 29, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 47 - $56.22

Week 47 was a really light week.  I was busy at home trying to get back into a school routine, and getting ready for me and baby to make a quick plane trip to Colorado.  It helped tremendously that a girlfriend came for a visit and brought food for us.  Seriously, 2 Costco pizzas, frozen GF pizza, Costco Caesar salad, mini cinnamon rolls and I think something else I can't remember right this second.  Anyway, we were reasonably well-stocked.  I had planned to go the grocery store Friday night before I left town Saturday, but DH took 3 of the girls out and got home after 10:30pm!  Too late for me to hit the grocery store, so I didn't leave DH as prepared as usual.

My one shopping trip was on Monday to QFC.  I realized that I could get a turkey for $0.69/lb if I spent $30 otherwise, so I picked up enough to meet that amount.  Altogether I spent $46.54 including the 22 lb turkey.

I flew to Colorado on Saturday and picked up some food for myself at Target there.  I spent $9.68.

Week 47 Total:$56.22
2015 Year-to-Date: $5,159.44
Weekly Average: $109.78

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