Thursday, November 5, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 44 - $92.92

Week 44 was all about Fred Meyer.  We are still being blessed with meals from friends so grocery shopping isn't as urgent and it's been fun to hunt bargains.  Fred Meyer fit the bill this week.

Monday I shopped late at night and found cereal on sale.  When I matched it with coupons each box fell below my price point of $1.67.  Normally we'd be eating oatmeal by now, but with the new baby cereal is easier for the time being.  Crackers were on sale, I had a coupon for cookies, and I bought white bread & cucumbers to make cucumber sandwiches for a tea party.  The GF hot dog buns were on clearance for $2.49 so I picked them up.  I really hate paying $0.62 for a single GF bun, but the full price is twice that.  And we don't have hot dogs very often at all.  Anyway, I spent $24.17 on food.

I went to Fred Meyer again on Friday to get more cereal.  I didn't take a photo, but I spent $29.77 on 3 more boxes of cereal, a gallon of organic milk, a dozen organic eggs, guacamole, 2 packages of clearance nitrate-free hot dogs, a gallon of almond milk, and frozen corndogs.

One more run on Saturday for still more cereal - 7 boxes, 3 boxes of crackers, 3 boxes of granola bars, and 4 packages of Hebrew National hot dogs.  I spent $38.98.

Week 44 Total: $92.92
Year-to-date Total: $4,909.70
Weekly Average: $111.58

This is much higher than the prior years' averages at this point. 2014 was $90.39 at 44 weeks and 2013 was $101.63.


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