Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 43 - $156.47

I've barely shopped since the baby was born, but this weekend I sure went all out!  We've also been having dinners delivered (Praise the Lord!) so most of what I purchased is for the freezer, pantry, or breakfasts.

I went to Fred Meyer on Friday intending to buy milk, fruit, and whatever else I found on clearance.  Major scores with organic formula at just $5.29, sirloin steak for $3.29/lb, lots of apples and bananas on clearance, and a big can of coffee.  I also picked up bell peppers, sour cream, & cottage cheese which were also on sale and some chocolate rice cake things (not pictured) since my kids were starving.  I also bought a clearance box of chicken that was a couple bucks and said it was from a rotisserie chicken.  But it tasted funny just one day later.  I won't be buying that again.  I spent $63.16.

On Saturday I took a kiddo on a bunch of errands and we stopped at QFC because I've found amazing deals on Saturdays before.  I found major clearance deals: organic milk for $1.99 that I put in the freezer for cooking, more of the organic baby formula ($7.39 each, still a bargain), ground turkey for $2.50 (20 oz.), nitrate free sausage for $2.00/lb, hummus for $2.99, organic baby food jars for $0.49 each, Torani syrup for $2.79, and 5 bags of clearance produce for $1.00 each.  I also bought grapes, pomegranates, and creamer all on sale.  I spent a whopping $74.87!

We went to another QFC just a few blocks away since the deals had been so great at our regular store.  I found a bunch of stuff and everything I purchase was on clearance: Large cans of coffee for $2.49 each, K-cups for $2.99, breakfast sausage links for $0.99/pkg and I had a coupon for one of them making it FREE, chorizo for $0.99/lb, hummus $2.09, 4 apple for $1.00, 5 tomatoes for $1.00, Greek yogurt for $0.49/each and instant biscuits for $0.49.  I spent $18.44 total.

Week 43 Total - $156.47
Total Year to Date 2015 - $4,816.78
Weekly Average: $112.02


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