Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thankful Thursday - on Saturday

I missed my Thankful Thursday post this week.  As I sit here in the dark of a hospital room, I hear machines beep and whir.  I hear my husband breathing and I look over at the small shape of my son in a hospital baby bed.  I have so much to be thankful for and I want to be sure to record it.  God is faithful.  We sit in the shelter of His hands, a fact which I am acutely aware of it after the events of this week.

I am thankful for:
  • a 10th birthday slumber party that was planned for the weekend before DD#1's birthday instead of after
  • for fun memories created at the slumber party
  • the health of cousin Breanna's baby.  We have been praying as a family and it's lovely to watch the girls experience answered prayer.
  • the gift a friend lending a chocolate fountain to the VIP slumber party and how fancy all the girls felt eating special hors d'oevres.
  • Dollar Tree's party selecion incuding plastic champagne glasses
  • a supportive church family filled with people who love my kids and are prepared for the bumps ahead with a new addition
  • DH taking the girls out for 8 hours after church!  I got a lot done at  home.
  • a hospital just a few miles from our house
  • being home, in bed when Little Brother made it obvious he was coming
  • DH being home (not travelling) when we had an emergency
And now another week has passed.  As the details of Asher's birth have been sinking in I realize how blessed we truly are.  I am thankful for life - my own and Asher's,  
  • a mom and aunt who came without hesitation even though it meant an all-night drive
  • a friend who came immediately even though she was sick
  • being surrounded by believers in triage and in the operating room
  • amazing nurses, many of whom were also Christians
  • that Asher was moved to a private room the day I was discharged allowing DH and I to move into his room and sleep over ie. not having to go home and leave Asher in NICU.
  • excellent medical insurance
  • friends who have brought meals
  • friends who came and canned pears that were overripe before Asher was born
  • that my mom has stayed and done so many projects
  • that my dad came and worked on some home repairs and that he'll be back next week
  • DH's ability to take sick leave to stay at the hospital with us
  • DH's willingness to take the kids to their homeschool commitments
  • Asher is putting on weight like a boss
  • And on another note, our rental property closed this week relieving us of a great burden
Love, Katie


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