Sunday, October 18, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 42 - $54.24

I had shopping trip on Monday for a couple of necessities.  I got organic milk, regular almond milk (for detox starting tomorrow), grapes, oranges, and Tillamook cheese for $2.50/lb.  I also found fresh mozzarella for $2.49.  Yum!  I spent $36.26 on groceries.

I dropped into The Dollar Tree for posterboard and stocked up on pepperoni while I was there for $8.00.

I went once more to Fred Meyer to get the cheese.  I spent $9.98 on white cheddar and yellow cheddar.

Week 42 Total: $54.24
Year-to-date Total: $4,660.31
Weekly Average:  $110.96

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