Sunday, October 4, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 40 - $59.44

It was a busy week with not a lot of grocery shopping.

I stopped at QFC for a fast run-through on Wednesday night with DD#1.  We found a clearance angel food cake and GF mini cupcakes.  I spent $5.48.

Thursday I finally made it to Fred Meyer for a bigger shopping trip.  I got milk, cereal, tomatoes, bbq sauce, and sliced cheese - all on sale.  I got clearance zucchini 3/$1 and clearance GF pasta for $1.49 each box.  I also decided to try Z-bars for the kids.  I just went to a focus group and learned about them.  They were $0.69 each, but for GF, non-GMO I want to give them a shot. I also got a $6.00 pizza, not pictured.  I spent $48.21

 I dropped in at QFC again today and found clearance organic cottage cheese for $1.00 each and some greek yogurt for just $0.25 each.  I spent $5.75.

Total Week 40 spending: $59.44
Total Year-to-Date: $4,506.07
Weekly Average: $112.65


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