Thursday, August 24, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 33 - $69.59

August 14 - 20

We camped all last week.  Monday I went to the store to buy supplies.  No photo.

Fred Meyer was local to the campground - Hooray!  I got a gallon of organic milk and organic half & half.  I got dairy free milk, granola bars my gf/df kiddo loves, a dozen eggs, marshmallows, coffee, Hershey's syrup, regular syrup, bananas, hot cocoa, a can of clearance diced tomatoes, grapes, mangoes, & pears.  I spent $47.87.

Midweek I picked up a couple more things at Wal-Mart: a head of lettuce, apples, gluten free hot dog buns, & 2 bags of potato chips.  I spent $18.72.

DH picked up a gallon of milk one day, too, but not organic. Estimating $3.00.

Week 33 Total: $69.59
YTD Total: $4,570.52
Weekly Average: $138.50

Normally at this time of year I am buying bulk produce like crazy and canning/freezing.  I'm just swamped with LuLaRoe & trying to still get my house in order after the remodel.  I might still get some raspberries & blackberries.  And I'm definitely planning to get apples for applesauce since the girls can can that themselves.


2017 Groceries Week 32 - $55.85

August 7 to 13

We were home during Week 32.  Yay!  But I did drop my older girls at camp & had to provide lots of gluten-free, dairy-free food alternatives for DD2.

On the way to camp Monday morning I stopped at Fred Meyer for daiya mac'n'cheese, organic (no food coloring) candy, and a few apples for home.  I spent $8.58.

Late Monday night I picked up a gallon of organic milk for $5.99.

Friday I was back at Fred Meyer for our Bible study potluck contributions & got some camping groceries while I was there.  I found ground turkey on clearance for $0.99/lb!  I got another gallon of organic milk, a daiya pizza, 2 loaves of bread, salsa, olives, green chilies, guacamole, cheap tortillas, roma tomatoes, organic half & half, & bananas.  I spent $37.28.

On the road to camping Sunday we needed a potty in a hurry so stopped at Safeway.  I bought some candy for the car.  It was $3.99.

Week 32 Total: $55.85
YTD Totale: $4,500.93
Weekly Average: $140.65


2017 Groceries Week 31 - $239.31

July 31 to August 6

We were camping most of the week, but I was assigned to the big group dinner on Wednesday.  I brought DD4 back to town for an appointment Tuesday and stopped at the grocery store for what I needed.

I spent $54.63 at Haggen on 10 pounds of ground beef, 2 containers of guacamole, and 3 bags of Daiya cheese since it was on sale for $3.99.

We got home Friday and I headed out shopping since we were pretty darn close to out of food after camping all week and the cousins the week before.

Costco was up first.  No photo, but I bought a ton of microwavable meals since we were in the middle of a heatwave in Seattle.  With no AC our house is over 80 by dinnertime & there was no way I was cooking.  I bought organic lemonade (DH is big on citrus lately.  He never, ever wants a kidney stone again), a case of coconut milk, 10# carrots, a watermelon, turkey lunchmeat, pork tamales, a bag of pears, bananas, beef taquitos, & 2 bags of organic tortilla chips.  I spent $95.59.

Then I headed over to Fred Meyer - again, no photo.  I bought a gallon of organic milk, organic half & half, 2 giant bottles of coffee creamer, 4 packages of frozen microwave cheesy noodles with broccoli, corn dogs, gf chicken nuggets, a bit of smoked cheddar, daiya pizza, 3 big deli pizzas on clearance for $4.49 each, big packages of pepperoni on clearance for $3.79 each, red grapes, green grapes, bananas, 9 more packages of gluten-free organic pasta that had peelies making it just $0.64 per package!  I spent $89.09.

Week 31 Total: $239.31
YTD 2017 Total: $4,445.09
Weekly Average: $143.39


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 30 - $305.34

July 24 to July 30

I had 4 extra kids in Week 30 and carted them all over town in my huge, rented 12 seater van.

Monday I went to Costco (without the kids).  I bought a flat of organic mangoes, organic applesauce, a case of organic black beans, a case of organic diced tomatoes, organic chips, a big bag of onions, organic romaine, Hershey's Simple 5 syrup, organic lemonade, organic egg, organic bananas, shredded cheese, feta cheese, bell peppers, organic squash, organic butter, & a salad kit.  I spent a whopping $114.85.

Tuesday I ran over to Cash&Carry for fruit for a bazillion kids.  I got cherries, apples, & bananas along with turkey for myself & minimally processed ketchup.  I spent $25.44

Wednesday I went to QFC for a couple gallons of milk, lots of chicken nuggets (because I discovered my picky God-children would eat them) and cream for DH & myself.  I also found an organic pot roast on clearance.  I spent only $21.08 because I had another $10 off $40 coupon and had a box of diapers in the mix (to get over $40).

I took a kid on a mini-date Thursday for a donut.  I bought cream cheese, creamer, & a small bag of gf flour.  I spent $8.73.

Friday morning I went to QFC and found lots of clearance deals including 20 gluten-free organic pasta again, dark chocolate frosting, organic instant brown rice, & croissants.  I also got 3 bags of chips, some more cherries, and some sort of cake according to the receipt.  I spent $77.54.

The cousins went home Saturday.

Sunday we left for a camping trip & bought some stuff on the way out there including corndogs both gluten free and conventional, turkey lunchmeat, sour cream, shredded pork for tacos, sour supreme (df), ketchup, bread, a cucumber, carrots, bananas,& a bag of chips.  I spent $57.70.

Week 30 Total: $305.34
YTD Total: $4,205.78
Weekly Average: $140.19


2017 Groceries Week 29 - $178.36

July 17 to 23rd

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do!

In Week 29 I went to Fred Meyer on Wednesday and bought clearance pine nuts, organic cheesy crackers, bananas, cheap tortillas, organic potatoes, dairy free mozzarella, 2 organic mangoes, clearance corn, 2 cans of beans, and a can of diced chilies.  I spent $60.77 on food.

I went to Champion Foods Thursday.  I love when I make it over there.  I didn't get a picture, but I bought 10 boxes of organic cereal for $2 each, a whole bunch of organic gluten-free pasta, and unfortunately and bunch of other stuff I can't remember because I didn't take a photo.  I spent $76.70.

I was at QFC Friday to use a $10 off  $40 coupon.  I bought frozen fries, frozen chicken breast, a couple organic cucumbers, cherries, bell peppers, a gallon of organic milk, a couple organic salsas on clearance, & hummus on clearance.  I spent $40.89.

Week 29 Total: $178.36
YTD 2017 Total: $3,900.44
Weekly Average: $134.50