Thursday, August 24, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 33 - $69.59

August 14 - 20

We camped all last week.  Monday I went to the store to buy supplies.  No photo.

Fred Meyer was local to the campground - Hooray!  I got a gallon of organic milk and organic half & half.  I got dairy free milk, granola bars my gf/df kiddo loves, a dozen eggs, marshmallows, coffee, Hershey's syrup, regular syrup, bananas, hot cocoa, a can of clearance diced tomatoes, grapes, mangoes, & pears.  I spent $47.87.

Midweek I picked up a couple more things at Wal-Mart: a head of lettuce, apples, gluten free hot dog buns, & 2 bags of potato chips.  I spent $18.72.

DH picked up a gallon of milk one day, too, but not organic. Estimating $3.00.

Week 33 Total: $69.59
YTD Total: $4,570.52
Weekly Average: $138.50

Normally at this time of year I am buying bulk produce like crazy and canning/freezing.  I'm just swamped with LuLaRoe & trying to still get my house in order after the remodel.  I might still get some raspberries & blackberries.  And I'm definitely planning to get apples for applesauce since the girls can can that themselves.


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