Sunday, July 16, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 28 - $164.40

This week was a bit of recovery after being out of town.  I went to Costco Monday and picked up organic apples, a watermelon, organic flour, organic tortilla chips, organic Amy's snacks, organic kids Clif bars, 'natural' turkey lunchmeat, chicken breast, wheat bread, & tortillas.  I spent $104.55.

I found a bunch of clearance pizza kits at QFC on Friday morning.  We hosted our couples Bible study and grilled the chicken I bought at Costco on Monday.  I thought I was making pineapple-steak skewers, too, but I just ran out of time.  I did buy steak and pineapple though.  I also bought yogurt on clearance, organic whole milk and 2% on clearance, nitrate free sausage on clearance for $1.99 each package, organic tomatos for $0.99 on clearance, bananas, & 2 small yogurt cups.  I had the $10 off $40 coupon and spent $41.09 after the coupon.

Finally, today I stopped at QFC & picked up 2 gallons of organic milk, a pint of half & half, & a dozen doughnuts.   I spent $18.76.

Week 28 Total: $164.40
YTD Total: $3.722.08
Weekly Average: $132.93


2017 Groceries Week 27 - $160.21

Some how I don't have photos for this week!

I went to Fred Meyer late Monday night for a couple things.  I got brown sugar for $1.99, 2 Darigold creamers for $2.79 each, mayo for $2.79, organic gummy candy for $1.25 each package, saltines, Wheat Thins & Triscuits, sourdough bread boule on clearance, heavy whipping cream, Hershey's 5 ingredient syrup,  Corndogs, 4 packages of nitrate-free bacon for $2.49 each, 3 packages of $4.99 Daiya cheese, a big package of pepperoni, onions, & summer sausage.  It was $73.51

On 4th of July I went to QFC for an ingredient I needed for the barbeque we were attending.  I ended up getting lots of stuff including 3 pound+ packages of organic stew beef on clearance for just over $10.00 each, 6 bottles of organic lemonade for $1.00 each, some clearance produce for $0.99 each bag, gf/df cookies, df buttery spread, a can of corn, pickles (per kid request), grapes, sour cream, & powdered sugar.  I spent $63.77.

Saturday I was out of town so DH took the kids shopping at QFC.  He spent $22.93 on donuts, bananas, ice cream, milk, & coffee creamer.

Week 27 Total: $160.21
YTD Total: $3,557.68
Weekly Average: $131.77


2017 Groceries Week 26 - $158.01

Monday I was at QFC for milk, half & half, & fruit and I found lots of other goodies including organic jam for $1.09 each jar, fruit squeezy pouches were $0.99/4pack, relish was $1.29, Annie's mac&cheese was $0.49/box, and a can of organic corn was $0.89.  I was happy to find organic gf cereal for just $1.49/box and I pick up Sour Supreme for DD2 because I happened to remember we were out.  With the organic milk, organic half & half, bananas, & grapes ($0.99/lb) I spent $45.61.

I stopped in at Trader Joe's and picked up a bell pepper, organic pears, & organic romaine.  I don't know why I picked TJ's.  I almost never go there.  I spent $6.17.

I popped into QFC again Wednesday beause I had a $10 off $40 coupon & I needed coffee creamer.  I bought the kids some chocolate milk and I got orange juice for a recipe.  I found mango peach salsa on clearance - yum!, as well as organic sour cream for $1.49 each, and clearance organic Honeycrisp apples that were $0.99 for 3 in a bag!  I also picked up organic stew beef that was on clearance for $7.99/lb.  Crazy that meat costs so much, but I just try to make it stretch by cutting into smaller, bite-size pieces and adding more veggies to the stew.  My total was $53.41 before the $10 off, so I spent $43.41.

I know I go to QFC a lot.  My closest 2 grocery stores mainstream are both QFC!  I was happy to find more organic cereal on clearance for $1.49/box and $1.69/box.  Tillamook was $5.99 for 2# block so I picked up some Jack along with Daiya for DD2. I got more half & half, a sack of 5# potatoes & corn dogs for easy lunches.  Bananas rounded out the shopping & I spent $30.74 on Friday.

I couldn't find the photo for this last shopping trip on Sunday night - also to QFC to use another $10/$40 purchase coupon.  I bought 2 gallons of organic milk, a case of organic lemonade for $1.00 each, creamer for DH, another brick of Tillamook cheese for $5.99, bananas, a ball of fresh mozzarella on clearance for $1.99, and (to push me over the $40 mark) I let the kiddo with me choose 3 bags of chips that were 3/$5.  I spent $42.08 before the coupon so it ended up $32.08.

Week 26 Total: $158.01
YTD 2017 Total: $3,397.47
Weekly Average: $130.67


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 25 - $70.32

In Colorado my sister-in-law and I shopped a lot.  She's learning about the gf/df diet and I didn't want her to have to feed my big family so I picked up a lot of the groceries.

First we went to Natural Grocers, a health food store on Monday.  I bought some granola bars for DD2 to have snacks at VBS and for the airplane ride home.  I also got some cookies for dessert/snacktime during the week.  I spent $10.53.

On Monday we also shopped at the local Kroger store which is called City Market.  I bought loads of stuff including coffee creamers, 4 boxes of cereal, milk, organic tortilla chips, organic salsa, marshmallows, dark chocolate, 4 bags of clearance produce including mangos, nectarines, & apples, a brick of cheddar cheese, graham crackers, Hershey bars, and a frozen pizza.  I spent $45.28

We went to Target for curtains and I picked up regular granola bars for the other kids.  It was a huge box of 24 for $5.54.  Sales tax in Colorado includes food so all the prices are a tiny bit higher.

Wednesday was Whole Foods for dairy free sour cream and I bought some Caprese salad at the deli because I was starving.  I spent $8.97.

Week 25 Total: $70.32
YTD Total: $3,239.46
Weekly Average: $129.58


2017 Groceries Week 24 - $125.38

Week 24 was a bit frantic.  Mom finished up her visit, we had a couple of days of packing & Lularoe, and then we were in Colorado at the end of the week. I was trying to use up what we had on hand before leaving town at the start of the week.  I didn't take any grocery photos.

Tuesday I found myself with a few extra minutes so I dashed in to Costco for a couple of lasagnas I had committed to bring to a church event.  While there I got some organic juice boxes, shredded cheddar, organic fruit snacks, cheese pizza, organic chicken thighs, and organic something else I can't identify from the receipt that was on sale for $6.59.  I spent $87.77

Thursday I picked up a gallon of milk for $2.99.  It was on clearance and I figured we'd use it before we left.  

Friday we dropped those lasagnas at church on the way to the airport.

Saturday my sister-in-law and I shopped in Colorado.  I bought organic milk, daiya pizza, daiya brick cheese, clearance romaine hearts, two loaves of garlic bread, coconut milk, and a loaf of gluten free sandwich bread.  I spent $34.62.

Week 24 Total: $125.38
YTD 2017: $3,169.14
Weekly Average: $132.05

2017 Groceries Week 23 - $137.76

I'm several weeks behind in posting.  Life has been crazy with LuLaRoe starting up, the contractors finishing up, and a trip to Colorado.   I barely even took photographs, but I kept all my receipts.

Monday I was at QFC for coffee.  I also grabbed some organic candy that DD2's Sunday school teacher asked for for a party.  I spent $10.49.

Wednesday morning I was back at QFC for daiya cheese & milk.  I also bought cereal, crackers, and 3 coffee creamers.  I found organic cottage cheese on clearance for $1.79, sour cream on clearance for $0.99, and organic hot dog buns for $1.49 each.  Finally, I bought a kiddo a doughnut and myself a piece of pie on clearance.  I spent $32.80.

Wednesday night I went to Costco and bought chili powder, bananas, curry simmer sauce, organic salsa, organic tortilla chips, more coffee, organic mac'n'cheese, organic eggs, organic peas, organic pasta sauce, and 2 pounds of organic butter.  I spent $94.47.

Week 23 Total: $137.76
YTD 2017 : $3,043.76
Weekly Average: $132.34


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 22 - $96.95

I stopped into QFC for a couple things my Mom asked me to pick up and found some crazy deals.  GF crackers were just $0.39 so I bought 6 boxes.  Canned pears were just $0.39 so I bought 10 cans.  There were probably 50 cans, but I prefer to give my kids fresh fruit or organic fruit that I've canned so I stopped at 10.  There were also squeeze fruit pouches for $0.99/box.  I bought 10 4-pack boxes since they were at my $0.25/ea price point.  Organic milk was on clearance for $2.99 each, and organic cottage cheese was on clearance for $1.49.  I bought grapes that were on sale for $1.48/lb, bananas, a trio of green bell peppers on clearance for $1.00, a package of gf/df meatballs, a bag of fritos, a bag of goldfish, and clearance organic hot dog buns.  I also got a clearance deli chicken, and 2 more clearance GF pizza crusts.  I spent just $51.88 on ALL THIS!

My friend Stephanie told me about a new Cash 'n' Carry so I went to check it out when I was in the neighborhood and had about 10 minutes to squeeze in a stop.  I bought 2 mangos, a hand of bananas, a  pack of zucchini, 18 eggs, and a #10 can of applesauce.  I spent $15.67.

DH stopped at the store for me once this week, too.  He picked up a pound of butter and a bag of chocolate chips along with some vitamin water for himself.  He spent $11.88.

Late in the week my mom went to the store and picked up a few things for me including a gallon of milk, some strawberries, some peaches, eggs, and a couple other things I don't remember but it was about $20 and I gave her $20.

Week 22 Total: $96.95
YTD 2017 Total: $2,906.00
Weekly Average: $132.09

Thursday, June 8, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 21 - $121.56

Wow, I am behind in posting.  It's been crazy around here with contractors every day and the launch of our Lularoe business.  I didn't even take all the photos I usually take, but I do have all the receipts for accurate records.

First shopping trip was QFC on Monday.  I bought a red bell pepper, guacamole, some fruit popsicles and ice cream sandwiches, and I found GF pizza dough on clearance for $1.49 as well as nitrate free chicken sausage for $1.99/lb.    I spent $24.25.

I dropped in at Costco Tuesday for a watermelon and 3 loaves of Udi's GF bread that was on sale.  I also picked up a six-pack of mangos.  I spent $28.45 on food.  No photo.

Wednesday I went to QFC to grab corndogs and milk.  I found some frozen dinners for $0.79/each and I like to pick those up for DH lunches since we have leftovers less and less for his lunches.  I picked up brown sugar and some clearance baby food, some bananas, and some gf hot dog buns.  I spent $32.65.

We also made a quick stop into Trader Joe's for GF oreos & GF/DF potato chips.  I spent $9.97.

I stopped in to QFC again Friday (it's just closest to my house) because I needed more chips for our Small Group potluck.  I bought 3 bags of chips for $5.64.  No photo.

Finally, I had a quick trip late at night Saturday to Fred Meyer to pick up a last minute birthday gift for DD#3.  She also had requests for her meals I needed to accomodate.  I bought 4 boxes of annie's mac'n'cheese, some daiya shredded cheese, So delicious ice cream, bananas, & a gallon of organic milk.  I spent $20.60 altogether.

Week 21 Total: $121.56
YTD 2017 Total: $2,809.05
Weekly Average: $133.76.