Sunday, October 16, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 42 - $103.88

A quick trip to Fred Meyer for fruit & chicken turned into $80.05!  I found uncured beef hot dogs for $2.99/package and bought lots.  The GF/DF pizza we buy was on sale so I picked one up.  I also found toddler formula on clearance.  DS hasn't taken to plain milk so we're still mixing milk with formula.  I also found clearance puffs, dried fruit, and pouches for DS.  I bought that chicken I needed for a potluck, bananas,  organic apples.  I also found round steak for $2.22/lb on clearance and picked up hot dog buns to go with the hot dogs.

I stopped at Haggen on the way to a friend's house for allergy friendly cookies.  No photo.  They were $3.50.

I wen to QFC tonight for milk.  I found nitrate free sausage on clearance and bought 5 packages.  I also found clearance organic cottage cheese, a clearance guac/pico mix, and paid regular price for the bananas & organic milk.  I spent $20.33.

All told, a pretty small week.

Week 42 Total: $103.88
YTD 2016 Total: $6,667.31
WeeklyAverage: $158.75

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

GF Menu Plan


Monday - Sausages
Tuesday - Nachos
Wednesday - Wendy's (they have GF Chili)
Thursday - Sausages
Friday - Fajitas
Saturday - Hot Dogs
Sunday - leftovers

Monday - Pasta & Meatballs
Tuesday - Taco soup
Wednesday - Stew
Thursday - Pancakes
Friday - potluck, taking chicken breast
Saturday - Sausage Soup
Sunday - Popcorn & Smoothie


Monday, October 10, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 41 - $135.78

This week's shopping wasn't too bad.

I went to Costco for a few things, but I can't find my receipt.  I usually look for the small packages of organic chicken thighs so this one was likely $14, the curry is about $13, the hummus is under $6, & the sugar is about $9, I think.  So estimating $42 here.

I stopped to pick up milk at QFC on Tuesday.  I also found a few things in the clearance bin including a gf cornbread mix $1.79, sesame oil $5.29, Yerba Mate tea $1.59, organic guacamole $2.19, and 3 apples for $0.99. I also picked up organic grapes for $2,49/lb.  I splurged on soy yogurt for DD2. I spent $30.70.

I went to Fred Meyer for more milk on Friday. I also picked up chocolate milk for the kids to have a treat, GF cereal & GF/DF granola bars, organic lettuce mix, and bananas.  I spent $25.09.

I dropped in at QFC Saturday for ingredients so I could make DD1's requested birthday treats including ice cream, a baquette, and parsley.  While there I found clearance lettuce $3.99, nitrate free sausages $2.49 each, a package of baby food $0.89, a can of soup $0.49, pico de gallo $2.49, 3 bell peppers for $0.99, and 3 pomegranates for $0.99.  The best surprise were apples on clearance.  4 big, organic apples for $0.99 each.  I spent $7.91 on 22+ pounds and made over a gallon of applesauce. I spent $37.99 altogether.

Week 41 Total: $135.78
YTD 2016 Total: $6,563.43
Weekly Average: $160.08


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 40 - $427.90

A huge week . . .

I was in Issaquah for an appointment and stopped at my favorite: Champion Foods.  I was a little surprised at myself for spending $113.70, but was delighted to find 25# bags of organic oatmeal and organic multi-colored popcorn!  I also spent $5 on a case of 15 bags of kettle chips, $5 on 20 snack size bags of kettle chips, 2 organic baby cereals, 3 bottles of organic ketchup, gf stuffing mix (for Thanksgiving), organic pasta, dried fruit, 5 baby food squeezies, baby puffs, 2 organic cake mixes, rosemary, organic pizza sauce, 4 organic apples, & some fruit gummy candies.

Immediately after Champion Foods I went to Costco for garlic & rice crackers.  They were having a spectacular organic sale and I stocked up.  I bought two 12-packs of organic mac'n'cheese, 2 bags of organic tortilla chips, 2 dozen organic eggs, 2 3-packs of organic chicken sausages, 2 4-packs of organic spaghetti sauce, a 6-pack of organic pasta, 2 bags of organic GF flour, a 2-pack of organic peanut butter, a case of organic tomato sauce, a case of organic diced tomatoes, a 2-pack of organic salsa, 2 packages of organic meatballs, a 10 pound bag of carrots, and the organic garlic I went in for.  I also bought conventional bananas, tortillas, pita bread, cans of chicken breast, fruit leather & organic fruit snacks, and the rice crackers I had on my list.  I also picked up a pizza for dinner that night.  I spent a whopping $253.31!  I can't remember the last time I spent that much in one grocery transaction.

You'd think I'd have shocked myself into a little spending hiatus, but no.  I went to QFC the VERY NEXT MORNING and spent another $60.89.  Seriously.  I took a photo, but my kids deleted it before I could download it.  The best find was 10 clearance bags of apples for $0.99 each.  I spent $9.90 on about 20 pounds of apples, went straight home, and made a pile of applesauce.  I also bought 3 creamers, a gallon of organic milk, organic lettuce, organic chives, celery, 4 organic cucumbers, quart of organic yogurt, 2 tubs of organic sour cream, nitrate-free sausage, & 2 bricks of cheese.

Week 40 Total: $427.90
Year to Date: $6,427.65
Weekly Average: $160.69


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 39 - $76.84

We were on a cruise ship most of Week 39 with all food provided.  We had a few granola bars and some baby food pouches we'd packed for days off the ship, but otherwise the cruise line provided.

We got home in the week hours Sunday and I made it to the store Sunday night for some basics.  But of course found a mountain of other deals I couldn't resist.

I spent $76.84 on the food pictured: a head of romaine, a gallon of organic milk, 7 -6packs of Hershey bars on clearance for $1.79 each (so $0.30 per chocolate bar with expiration date next summer), 2 organic cucumbers, 2 containers of dried cranberries on clearance for $1.99 each, 5 clearance packages of linguica sausage, a 3# bag of clementines, a box of organic lettuce, 2 creamers, 2 boxes of cereal, 2 loaves of bread, 4 organic apples, 3 lemons, a 10 pound sack of potatoes, a 1 pound package of lunchmeat, and a clearance box of Skinny Cow candy. Not pictured: $3.99 box of a dozen clearance donuts.  Not too bad. 

Week 39 Total: $76.84
2016 YTD Total: $5,999.75
2016 Weekly Average: $153.84


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 38 - $29.10

We were at Disneyworld all week in Week 38.

I had purchased some groceries in Week 37 and made another shopping trip mid week to supplement what I'd purchased our first day.  I bought more applesauce, more organic oatmeal, 4 packs of pudding cups & a dark chocolate bar for GF/DF kid snacks, I bought organic ketchup, a 3# bag of mandarin oranges, & a few bananas.  I also bought a 5 pack of sausages for lunch in Disneyworld.  No photo of this trip.  I spent $25.11 on food.

I went to Walgreen's for a few items and picked up a second bottle of creamer.  It was a whopping $3.99.  Yeesh!

Week 38 Total: $29.10
2016 Year-to-Date: $5,922.91
Weekly Average: $155.87


2016 Groceries Week 37 - $138.14

We were getting ready for a long trip out of town in week 37 so I was trying to use the perishables.  But it's also always crazy leaving town so we ate some 'convenience' meals this week, too.

I picked up GF/DF pizza for DD#2 when we were having a quick pizza dinner, a watermelon, and a gallon of milk to get us through the week.  I spent $25.86 on these few items.  Ouch!

I spent $45.70 on this trip to Fred Meyer Wednesday.  I went to pick up avocados, tortilla chips, cheese & bananas that I needed for Friday night, but I couldn't resist the clearance cereal, applesauce pouches, Capri-Sun, baby cookies, pasta, granola bars, & canned goods.  I also picked up creamer & bananas and DF cheese that was on a great sale at $3.49.

Wednesday I also dropped into the Dollar Tree for mylar birthday ballons and I picked up a couple packages of pepperoni, a jar of relish, and 2 small bottles of shelf-stable coffeemate for emergencies or weekend visits.  I spent $5 on the food items.

Finally, when we'd traveled all day Sunday (flying a red eye to Miami then driving a rental car to Orlando) and taken the kids swimming at our timeshare I finally got out to the grocery store.  The kids were starving so I had to be fast.  I found a close grocery, Publix, and looked for deals.

To avoid buying milk I bought organic oatmeal ($1.99) & a small bag of brown sugar ($1.09).  I also bought unsweetened applesauce ($2.79), some organic nectarines ($1.99/lb), & bananas ($0.59/lb) for morning fruit.  I bought a dozen eggs ($1.35),  a small can of coffee ($4.19) & creamer ($2.50) to finish off the breakfast foods

I was at a loss for lunches at Disneyworld because I didn't want to buy bread & pb & jam we wouldn't finish, but bought a small package of chicken breast ($4.55)to get us through the first day and chicken nuggets ($3.00 each) that were on sale for fast lunches or dinners at the timeshare.  So I also bought unbreaded, pre-cooked chicken pieces that I could microwave fast to go with the nuggets ($4.55).  I bought microwave popcorn, both buttered and plain ($3.59/box) because it's great cheap snack food in the parks and I bought fruit cups for lunches, too ($2.29).

For dinners, I got olive oil ($2.79), spaghetti noodles (both GF ($2.99) and regular ($1.67)), and a jar of spaghetti sauce ($2.00).  I also bought progresso soup that was on sale B1G1 ($2.29) and found two varieties that were GF/DF.  I didn't buy lettuce, but I grabbed a cucumber ($0.75) that froze the first day in our fridge.  Boo.

Altogether I spent $61.58 on food then raced back to heat up some soup.  We ate about 10pm, but that's only 7pm on the west coast so it wasn't so terribly late.

Week 37 Total: $138.14
2016 Year to Date Total: $5,893.81
2016 Weekly Average: $159.29


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 36 -$232.55

Oh, I can't resist fruit!

A local gal brought fruit from her parents' organic orchard in Spokane and I jumped at the white peaches for $1.50/lb.  She had a few pears & apples so I got those, too.  I spent $99.00 on all this.

Back home we needed some basics in a hurry so I headed to the store for cereal, milk, & lettuce on Tuesday.  I also grabbed a few bananas and found clearance Annie's organic dressing for $0.75 each, clearance pectin for $1.12 each, and clearance glutino pretzels for $0.75 each.  Yay!   I spent $17.99 on food.

DD3 picked this carrot from the garden for baby boy.  She was pretty excited that he ate it for dinner.

Thursday I went to QFC and spent $85.09.  The photo disappeared from my camera, but it shouldn't be a surprise since the kids were busy with the camera for several days.  I found a clearance pizza for $4.99, 5 boxes of cheerios, 5 bags of chips, 2 boxes of organic formula, 2 tubs of organic sour cream, 3 boxes of organic cream cheese, creamer, 8 jars/pouches of baby food, 2 soy yogurt cups, daiya shredded cheese, and a clearance pack of k-cup soup.

I went back to QFC on Friday and spent $30.47.  This time I got the photo.  I bought 6 ears of corn, 3 boxes of crackers with coupons were just $1.36 average, 5 boxes of cereal were just $0.89 each after coupons, gluten free corndogs were $4.99/box and I found a box of clearance organic formula for half price!  

Week 36 Total: $232.55
YTD Total: $5,755.67
Weekly Average: $159.88