Friday, November 24, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 40 - $87.60

Week 40: October 8-14

Saturday I wont the QFC for pita chips & hummus.  And I bought sandwich rolls.  I spent $13.77.

Then I went to Fred Meyer for milk, the cereal sale, fruit, & ingredients for a recipe.  I ended up buying popcorn, 4 boxes of cereal, refried beans, clearance granola bars, a couple bags of pears, a bag of yellow onions, cream cheese, 4 boxes of clearance gluten-free chicken nuggets, a yogurt cup, a gallon of organic milk, some shredded Daiya cheese, and 7 packages of Foster Farms something on clearance for $3.49.   I spent $73.83.

Week 40 Total: $87.60
YTD Total: $5,297.07
Weekly Average: $132.43


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