Sunday, November 29, 2015

2015 Groceries Week 48 - $127.30

I flew back home Tuesday and immediately went to the store for milk, fruit and the tortilla chips DH requested.  I found some clearance breakfast sausage and organic rolls, too.  I spent $19.03

48.57 qfc friday
79.39 qfc wednesday

I went back to the store Wednesday morning for Thanksgiving food.  DH and I had discussed skipping the big meal prep this year and just going out, but my kids were eager for the traditional meal.  I was OK with that, but DH said only if I could do it "lite" with less work than usual.  So I bought a small bird (not pictured), bought pies, bought whipped cream, used the rolls I bought the night before, and made instant mashed potatoes.  I couldn't bring myself to use fake gravy so I made the real stuff.  I also made small dishes of stuffing (from a box) and green bean casserole.  This shopping trip also included eggs, crackers, cream cheese, celery, sour cream, ice cream, a ham, and clearance cereal, cottage cheese, canned tomatoes, gf cookies, yogurt, and angel food cake.  Also on clearance was a different produce bag than usual.  For $1.00, one bag had a pomegranate and 2 apples.  For another $1.00, a bag had a bell pepper, 2 lemons, a lime and a tomato.  I loved the mixed bag instead of the all-one-variety like usual.  I spent  $79.39 on this big trip and kicked myself for forgetting a gift card we were given.  Oh well, it will help in December.

Finally I went to the store on Friday at the request of my sweet M-I-L who is visiting.  She asked for sliced bread and we were low on milk.  I found a clearance pizza and croissants and remembered I needed diapers as I was headed for the checkstand.  So I went to grab them and realized they pushed me over the $30 needed for a $0.69/lb turkey.  So I grabbed a big turkey and ended up spending $28.88 on food including that big turkey!

Week 48 Total: $127.30
2015 Year-to-Date: $$5,286.74
Weekly Average: $110.14


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