Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 46 - $100.74

This week I felt like I shopped much less than usual.

Monday I went to Costco for a few things.  I spent $45.95 on organic tortilla chips, organic coconut milk, pecans, dye-free cheddar, & spaghetti sauce.

We had a birthday this week so I went to the Dollar Store for balloons & picked up a couple things, too.  I spent a big $3.00 on lemon juice & olives.

Tuesday I went to QFC for creamer & found some organic potatoes on clearance for $0.99, some baguette rounds for $0.99, cream cheese that was $0.74 after a store coupon, & progresso soup for $0.74 each after a store coupon.  I spent $18.51 on food.

Finally I went to QFC again on Friday.  I needed milk & found some great clearance deals on lettuce, prepared veggies, organic mushrooms, organic sour cream, organic green tea & a bit of deli chicken salad.  I also bought hot dog buns, creamer, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, 2 onions, & a few bananas.  I spent $33.28 on food items.

This week I spent $100.74 in total.
Year-to-date 2016: $7,264.57
Weekly Average: $157.93

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