Monday, February 27, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 8 - $94.58

There wasn't too much shopping this week since we were mostly out of town.

Monday I went to QFC to hit up their sale on creamer.  DH was nearly out of the stuff and I haven't yet found time to try that clean recipe I found.  I spent $1.99 on each bottle of creamer, a bag of Cheetos (not pictured), and a box of Cheerios.  On clearance, I found a pound of lunch ham for $2.39, 2 boxes of organic shells'n'cheese for $1.29 each, and the big score of nitrate-free bacon in 20 oz packages for $2.99.  These are normally up to $10.00 per package so I was happy to find them and bought 7 packages!  I also had 2-$1.00 off coupons for buying 'Simple Truth' meat,  a $0.55 coupon for lunchmeat, and a coffemate coupon, too.  I spent $42.08 this shopping trip.

I was at my aunt's outside Portland for a couple of days and one of my favorite places to visit there is the Eagle Store that gets Costco returns & mark-downs.  I found some great organic candy for $9.19, some 5 ingredient chocolate sauce for $4.29, and organic raisins for $4.49.  I felt pretty good about all of these items.

While we were out of town my mother-in-law was kindly prepared with gluten-free cereal for DD2 and had lots of milk & goodies on hand for the kids.  DH went to the store for a few more items and picked up 2 bags of corn chips, GF pasta, GF oreos, GF bread, DF cheese, a pound of ground turkey and another gallon of milk.  He spent $30.04.  I tried to take a picture but my battery died and I didn't want to leave the groceries out while the battery charged.

Week 8 Total: $94.58
YTD 2017 Total: $772.86
2017 Weekly Average: $96.61


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