Sunday, February 12, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 6 - $185.46

Yeesh!  I had shopped AND had groceries delivered twice this week.

Monday I went to QFC for hot dog buns, oatmeal, & taco stuff.  I was pleased to find a bag of clearance organic apples & a bag of bell peppers.  I also got fresh mozzarella which is a mama treat.  I bought bananas, tortillas, guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips, & whipping cream.  I spent $12.41.  Now that I'm looking at the receipt it looks like I didn't get charged for the oatmeal, whipping cream, hot dog buns, or mozzarella!  How did that happen?!? I went through the check stand!

I went to Haggen Tuesday for milk.  I also bought organic russet potatoes for $0.89/lb and organic roma tomatoes for $0.89/lb.  My DF kiddo was with me and asked for sour cream substitute so we got that, too.  I paid $15.04 on this shopping trip.

I ordered Amazon Prime Now on Wednesday.  I spent $24.52 on: gallon of whole milk, 2 packages of shredded Daiya cheese, a box of triscuits, 2 tubs of Earth Balance, bananas & a bottle of organic ketchup.  No Photo.

I also tried out Amazon Pantry this week.  It was delivered on Friday.  I liked that I could use coupons and that the prices were good.  For example, I paid $7.49 recently for Bob's Red Mill GF rolled oats, but the AP price was $5.99.  The organic ketchup was $2.58, Nature Valley granola bars were $4.50, the Quaker granola bar value packs were $3.74 each.  These were all $32.53.

Friday I went to the store for the items needed for our Bible study potluck that night.  I bought chips, green onions, & sour cream for that.  I also found nitrate-free bacon on clearance so I bought 3 packages.  I also bought 3 clearance organic apples for $1.00, clearance organic milk for $3.29, clearance organic cottage cheese for $1.79, and clearance protein wrap for $0.79 with a $0.50 peelie making it just $0.29.  I also picked up saltines & chicken breast which were on sale.  I spent $27.16.

I went to Fred Meyer Saturday because we needed creamer, brown sugar, and marshmallows.  I remembered to buy the creamer and found a whole bunch of other stuff.  My best find were double packs of pizzas for $3.59 each.  I bought 7 packs.  I also bought chicken nuggets, chocolate milk, & cheap tortillas.  I found udi's muffins on clearance (yay!), more nitrate-free bacon, english muffins, 3 organic apples, lunchmeat & 2 organic whole chickens - all on clearance.  I also got a backup sour supreme.  I spent a whopping $73.80.
Total for Week 6: $185.46
2017  YTD Total: $382.40
Weekly Average: $63.73


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