Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pantry Challenge 2017 Wrap-up

I could have kept going with the Pantry Challenge, but for the sake of my sanity I've called it for this year.

Good stuff:

  • We used up a bit of 'quick oats' that have been hanging around for several years
  • I researched millet & learned how to cook it
  • I learned that there are some reasonable prices to be found with Amazon delivery
  • I found & used several items in the pantry that I'd forgotten about including chicken stock, pickles, and frosting.
  • We rediscovered pasta & red sauce. Cheap!
  • My kids love pancakes.  Cheap!
  • We used several gallon bags of freezer fruit.
  • My kids like blueberry muffins.
  • There are no longer Costco packs of food on the floor of my pantry - everything fits on the shelves.  
  • There isn't much food "hiding" behind other things anymore.
Not so successful: 
  • I have a lot of gluten-free pie crust mix and I didn't use ANY.
  • I have a lot of rice cakes and we barely dented them.
  • I still have ridiculous amounts of freezer fruit.
  • I was being so careful with the budget that my kids were missing milk and I didn't buy much in the way of fresh produce.  

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