Monday, February 20, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 7 - $295.88

Wow, I spent a lot this week.

I placed an Amazon now order on Tuesday because I was desperate for a new coffee bean grinder.  My husband loves the Ben Franklin quote, "Necessity makes the worst bargain." and it was true in this case.  I ended up paying about $17 for one to be quickly delivered instead of what would have much less expensive elsewhere.  The rest of the Amazon order included: GF pretzel, chips, bananas, regular and GF graham crackers, organic baby bars, brown sugar and marshmallows.  The food was $21.93.

Thursday, I raced around Costco with all 5 kids.  We were in and out in 18 minutes.  We bought tortilla chips, oatmeal, coconut milk, organic chicken thighs, organic eggs, rice crackers, cheese, and baking powder.  I spent $87.98.

I went to QFC with the girls Friday to pick up a GF/DF pizza.  They were going to a party with pizza and we intended to stop quickly then found all sorts of deals.  In addition to the pizza we bought this nitrate free sausage for $0.99/lb, some lunchmeat, and prepackaged fruit I sent to the party.  I spent $28.27.

I also made to Champion Foods - finally! I bought the organic ketchup I've been wanting and celery salt.  I found organic salsa, several bottles of organic salad dressing (including GF/DF French & Thousand Island), and DD2's favorite granola bars.  I also got an organic brownie mix and some gf/df apple muffins mixes.  The big find was GF rolled oats.  They had just received a shipment, but they didn't have the usual size I like to buy - the 25#, so I told him I'd take the 50# bag.  And I got it for a screaming deal (IMHO), of just $53.00 which works out to $1.06/lb.  I've been paying $3.00/lb or more for GF oats recently so I'm pretty happy about the price even if I'll have my storage buckets full of oats and probably one or two buckets occupied until next fall.  I spent a whopping $108.50.

Finally, I went to Fred Meyer on Sunday night to pick up carrots, refried beans, yogurt, & sour cream.  I ended up getting a pile of stuff.  Organic potatoes were on sale for $1.99 & i found clearance pears.  Organic bell peppers were $0.99 each as were cans of soup.  They're good for a quick lunch for DH. Organic diced tomatoes were $1.00, and I found good hot dogs on clearance so I also bought hot dog buns.  I bought frozen corn, oranges, a loaf of bread, sour cream, guacamole, pepperoni, fries, & cucumbers, too.  Phew! I spent $49.20.

Week 7 Total: $295.88
YTD 2017 Total: $678.28
Weekly Average: $96.90


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