Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017 Groceries Week 11 - $272.01

Another big week, but I feel so much better about having my fridge stocked!

Monday I went to Fred Meyer late at night.  We needed milk, cheese, and I wanted some hamburger patties to use up leftover hamburger buns.  Cereal was on sale 3/$5 for I picked up 3 boxes that didn't ring up correctly and I'm only now noticing - RATS. I got 2 coffee creamers for $1.99 each, chicken nuggets for $4.99, and a package of cheap hot dogs for $1.49.  I hate buying cheap hot dogs, but DH asked for them.  I bought regular corn dogs for quick, easy lunches because they were on sale.  I bought a couple bags of chips for kid treats with a store coupon making them $1.51 each, a bag of tortilla chips for $0.60 after coupon, shredded cheese for $2.68/pound after a coupon, and organic yogurt for $2.79 for a big tub.  On clearance I found a loaf of organic bread for $1.79 and lunchmeat ham for $2.99.  Milk was on sale so I got two gallons & those hamburger patties were just $5.49.  I also bought some brick cheese. $3.00/lb for Kroger and a no-dye cheddar loaf from Darigold was $5.79.  I spent $69.05 altogether.

I knew I needed Daiya cheese, but it was $4.99 at Fred Meyer.  So I got online Wednesday morning and found it for $3.89 on Amazon Now.  So I placed an order, also buying organic spinach for $3.99 for a dinner I made this week and syrup so I could use up some pancake mix on a kid lunch.  I spent $30.31 on this delivery.

Friday night, DH and I had a date night.  We saw an early movie, ate pizza together at Costco and shopped.  I bought 2 cases of organic coconut milk since it was on sale, feta cheese, Annie's snacks that on sale worked out to $0.25 each snack (my price point), organic garlic cloves, organic frozen corn, organic syrup, organic baby carrots, organic salad mix, organic sausages (also on sale so $3.99 per pack in stead of $4.99) for the kids' lunches, and organic chicken thighs (the small package possible), and conventional brick cheddar for just $4.99, feta (again, the smallest package possible), tortillas, shredded cheese for $2.59/lb, curry sauce I love, bananas, & oranges.  I spent a big $159.59.  And I reassured my husband that even buying a lot of organic food, I spend less than most folks buying conventional groceries.  I think.

I had a date with DD1 this afternoon and we ended up at the Dollar Store.  I bought some ramen & cup noodles.  Then we went to Haggen since we were in the neighborhood and I got organic romaine heads for $2.79 each bag of 3 and some no-dye Darigold cheddar for $5.49.  Between the two stores I spent $13.07.

Week 11 Total:$272.01
YTD 2017: $1,251.06
Weekly Average: $113.73

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