Sunday, April 27, 2014

2014 Week 17 Groceries - 79.32

This week was low on the shopping trips, but still big spending with the purchase of a gallon of blueberry honey for $49.00.

This was a small trip to Costco.  I met my honey supplier in the parking lot and then picked up lettuce, pears, & bananas for $10.19. 

This was a trip to QFC because I needed mayo in a hurry.  I committed to deviled eggs for a potluck, but had no mayo!  Whoops!  Of course once I was at the store I found all sorts of things to buy for $16.15. 
Mayo $2.49 after Buy 4/Save $4 deal - seriously, even on sale I hate to pay this much for mayo
Creamer $1.62 each after Buy 4/Save $4 deal and $0.75/2 MC
Classico - $0.99 after Buy 4/Save $4 deal
Organic yogurt - $2.50
Bananas  - $0.69/lb
Tomatoes - $0.99/lb
Sour Cream - $1.34
Parmesan Rinds - $0.89
Cottage Cheese - $0.69
Pepperoni - $1.00

No milk delivery this week since we still had lots from being out of town.  Eggs were $4.00.

Total Groceries week 17: $79.32
Total Groceries Year to Date 2014:  $1081.62
Average Groceries per Week 2014: $63.62

I expect next week to be low-spending, too.  I'm really focused on getting food out of the icing-over freezer so most of my meals are based on what's in there.


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