Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

I had a fun visit in my hometown over Easter.  I took DD#4 out one afternoon and we hung out at a local thrift store for almost 2 hours!!!

Here's what we found:
 $0.50 - Clipboard
$1.00 - The Children's Bible on record!  There's a great illustrated book, too, so I see many hours of record player fun in my future
$0.25 - Toile shopping bag (I heart toile!)
$0.25 - Johnny Appleseed storybook
$0.25 - First Ladies of the United States coloring book
$0.50 - His Princess book of prayers for girls (DD#2 like to read prayers)
$0.25 - Peter Rabbit book that is part of our language arts curriculum
$0.25 - Davy Crockett book
$0.50 - Pilgrim's Progress - in Marvel graphic novel form.  So cool!  DH liked this one.
$0.25 - God Bless America song, illustrated in this book
$0.25 - Old Hat, New Hat book that is also part of our LA curriculum
$0.25 - Bedtime for Frances book that is a part of our LA curriculum
$0.25 - Read the Pictures workbook - DD#2 jumped right into this one and was quiet for over an hour
$0.25 - Farm book that was DD#4's choice
$0.50 - box with 4 Doc McStuffins posters in it.  DD#3 loved this one.
$2.00 - Converse All-Stars that are see-through.  These are for DD#1 who is excited her new tye-dyed socks will show when she wears them.
$3.75 - Pajama pants for DH since I forgot to pack his - Whoops!  (not pictured)

And the really big find were all these canning jars for just $0.25 each!  I bought 36 and cleared the store out.  Yes!

 Hooray for fun shopping!  Hooray for a small town and lower prices.


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