Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Menu Plan - Here we go with GF

We're starting the gluten-free diet for DD#2 on Wednesday.  So I have a couple of days to figure out a GF bread (Please God!) to keep my life simple.

Oatmeal, Scrambled Eggs  (Note to self: find out about the 5 grain blend I typically mix with oatmeal.  May have to make DD#2 oatmeal only if I can't find ingredients while other kids finish up the 5 grain blend)

Monday - PBJ
Tuesday - Bagels
Wednesday - Nachos (DD#2 soy cheese)
Thursday - PBJ
Friday - Finger Food Lunch (pickles, GF crackers, pecans, dried cranberries)
Saturday - Leftovers
Sunday -Hot Dogs/Beans?

Monday - Pizza (DD#2 soy cheese)
Tuesday - Pasta & red sauce
Wednesday - Chili
Thursday - Beef & Broccoli
Friday - Pot Roast
Saturday - Popcorn & Smoothies (Family Movie Night)
Sunday - Honey Lemon Chicken (if company) or Leftovers (if no company)


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