Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 Week 13 Groceries - $159.99

This week was full of lots of shopping trips!

First was Albertsons for more creamer.  There was yogurt on clearance for $0.25 each and I got a 4-pack for free with a MC.  The cocktail wienies were also on clearance.  I spent $14.44.

Next was QFC for the amazing deals on organic cereal & Classico spaghetti sauce.  I had lots of coupons for $0.75 off Cascadian Farms but some stores limit you to two identical printed coupons so I just got two boxes for $1.25 each.  I also found a pizza for $2.49 and 4 donuts for $1.49.  And 4 is really just the right amount of donuts.  I spent $21.39.

I went to QFC again before the sale ended for more Classico sauce and 2 more boxes of Cascadian Farm cereal.  There was also a box of organic cheerios on clearance for $1.29 so I picked those up, too.  I spent $6.74 and had all 4 kids with me so it was IN and OUT.

Target had some printable coupons for Post cereal and M&Ms so I combined those with manufacturer's coupons for some good deals.  The box of cereal was $0.71 after both coupons and the M&Ms were $1.39 each after coupons.  The snickers was another good deal.  I bought 2 bags for $1.16 each and ate one with the girls on the drive home in traffic.  Total spent: $5.81

I went to Fred Meyer Thursday to scored the $4.99 Tillamook cheese deal and also pick up the $2.98 for 2# strawberries.  I was really pleased to find organic spring mix on clearance and bacon on clearance.  I also got syrup and lemon juice at The Dollar Tree.  Total spent both stores: $34.13

Next was Albertsons for the $0.25 tomato paste and $0.50 tomato sauce.  I also got one more bag of the organic baby oranges for $2.00 since my girls had eaten BOTH of the bags I got last week.  I spent $15.50.

And I finally made it to Costco to buy gluten free flour.  I also bought eggs to hard-boil for snacks.  My fresh eggs just are too fresh to peel easily.  I buy old grocery store eggs for peeling ease.  I spent $34.82.
One last stop at the grocery store for pull-ups tonight and I wandered over to find either Tamari or Bragg's Liquid Amino.  I also grabbed cream cheese.  It was $10.29 altogether.  The Tamari was actually on sale and less than I thought so I went ahead and bought a big bottle.  I see lots of meat/veggie/rice dishes in our future and a GF soy sauce will be indispensable.

 I bought 2 dozen eggs for $4.00
Our milk was $12.87.

Total spending for Week 13: $159.99
Total spending year to date 2014: $785.19
Average spending per week: $60.40

I think we can still have the gluten-free, dairy-free diet and not spend a huge amount on groceries.  I will have to be resourceful and I intend to use what we still have on hand for the bulk of the family.  One day at a time.  Next task: figure out a GF sandwich bread for toast & sandwiches.


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