Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 Week 12 Groceries - $105.75!!!

 I spent a lot this week!  But it was so fun to actually shop and hit several stores again after taking a couple of months off!

This was delivered with an Amazon Fresh order this week.  I REALLY wanted to get a Frozen DVD so I ordered it via Amazon Fresh in the afternoon and it was delivered the next morning before 6am.  Whoo!  Anyway, the chips were a last minute add on for $2.07.

We were out of cream so DH picked some up for $2.49.

I had a pretty big trip to Fred Meyer.  It's in two pictures.  I was pleased to find some dark chocolate chips that don't have milk in them!  I paid full price - $2.69 so I'll have to keep my eye out for when they're on sale.  Altogether I paid $27.86.

This was a quick stop at Target.  I spent $6.22.
I went to Albertsons for chicken, creamer and pickles.  And look at all this!  I generally avoid the bag cereal, but it was only $2.00 on clearance so I picked the 'healthier' Raisin Bran &  Honey Nut Cheerio alternatives and left the Cap'n'Crunch & CocoPuffs behind.  The 2# bags of organic oranges were only $2.00!  And all the Greek yogurt was on clearance for $.75 each that I combined with coupons for prices ranging from $0.42 to $0.55.  I spent $28.67.

I went to Albertsons again today because they didn't have any chicken out early yesterday morning.  I got more creamer since the store coupon and MCs are making them hit my $2.00/qt stock-up price.  I spent $23.57.

I bought one dozen eggs for $2 and our milk delivery was $12.87. 

Total spending this week: $105.75
Total spending year to date: $625.20
Weekly average in 2014: $52.10  (compared to $79.58 in 2013!)


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