Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 Week 10 Groceries - $110.13!

One of our girls has sensory processing disorder and she has hit a spot in normal development that is just making the sensory challenges especially rough.  I may write a bit on this later, but mostly it just makes me sad and I'm not into soul-baring too much on this blog lately.  Anyway, we are attempting to make her diet diary-free so we can ascertain if diary is affecting her behavior negatively.  Mostly I am trying to prepare meals that don't call for dairy because the substitutes are expensive, but there are a few things we bought to help her adjust to the idea.

DH did another little bit shopping for me this week when we were having company and he was out with a kid.  He picked up fake sour cream and rice milk sorbet so our kiddo could still enjoy the tacos and ice cream we were serving our company.  He spent $6.18.

I went to QFC to pick up almond milk because it was on sale this week.  I also wanted to check out vegan cheese options for the DF adventure (spendy!).  I found several clearance items, too.  I spent $15.41.  I'm kinda excited to decorate shamrock sugar cookies with green & white frosting and candy google eyes.  =)

We made a Costco run because we were out of lettuce.  I was SUPER excited to find DF cheese at Costco for an OK price.  The shredded 'cheese' was about 60% of the price for the same brand at QFC.  Whoo-hoo!  And a test run sprinkled on chili proved OK for melting.  I picked up garlic and feta because I was running low and splurged on a big jug of organic olive oil.  I also decided to buy beef base and cumin.  It was really too much unplanned picking stuff up for my budget but I had all the kids with me, it was pouring rain out, and it just wasn't a normal shopping kind of day.  I spent $55.28 - eep!

I went to QFC again for the cheese sale and also bought creamer (we were out) and tomatoes to go with the Costco lettuce.  I was pleased to find apples & lemons in the $0.99 produce markdowns, too.  I spent $20.39. 

We also had our usual milk delivery for $12.86

This is my biggest week of spending so far in 2014.  I spent $110.13!
Total year to date spending: $453.68
Average per week: $45.37


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