Thursday, March 20, 2014

Quick Update/News

I've been busy so not blogging much.  Other priorities as my kids gets older, but I'm loving the comparison of last year's groceries to this years - Mostly because I'm spending so much less this year.

  • I've done a few tax returns the last month.  
  • I think my job at the church kitchen is over as far regular work goes but I'm still on the list for special events.  It was a good try, but awfully hard on our family for me to have to find childcare for some, bring some with me, and just lose all those hours at home!  I will miss the early afternoon  commute though, instead of the 6PM that I'm back to.  Ugh.  I am so thankful the church found a permanent hire in a really talented gal.  And I was able to step back gradually and finally just confirmed Tuesday that I don't need to come anymore on Wednesdays.  So that's a welcome change! 
  • It is not reasonable to expect myself to read a book a week and also do the rest of my life well.  I'm adjusting to try and read one every TWO weeks.  I just don't have a lot of interest/discipline when it comes to non-fiction . . . 
  • Our one daughter with sensory processing disorder has been having significant challenges the last few months.  We are spending a lot of emotional, time, and financial resources trying to get her back on track.  Key word ***emotional***.  I'm barely keepin' it together.
  • I'm spending some time trying out recipes that at GF/DF or have dairy alternatives.  I will likely post about some of that process, but right now I'm just overwhelmed stepping into the change and I have little margin.
  • Homeschool is going well.  I am planning next year and thinking about how our life will be different.
  • I haven't started my garden plants.  Poor little things will likely on have 5 or 6 weeks to grow before I transplant them.  And my garden is a whole other thing.  I still have landscaping to finish from last year and I have lots of prep before planting.  I just don't even want to think about it yet.
  • I'm very stressed about money lately.  I have mentioned that our whole emergency fund was gone, but I haven't felt up to detailing how that happened.  Maybe another post.  On top of that our rental property has had some big, expensive repairs/maintenance this winter to the tune of $5,000!  Ouch!  We are still recovering from that and anxiously awaiting our tax refund to pay off what we still owe.
So that's where I'm at if anyone out there is reading . . .



So, what do you think?