Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014 Week 11 Groceries - $65.77

This week I made an unusual purchase from Amazon Fresh.  Usually their prices are high and it pains me to use them.  However, I needed a homeschool book in a hurry and Amazon Fresh delivers next day.  Sure enough, the book was one of the many available through Amazon Fresh so I looked to see what else I could get.  I was out of salt, worcestershire, and eggs so I got those.  Then I bought some non-dairy items so I could still make my DF kiddo 'normal' food.  All told I spent $18.98 on food.

I also was at Fred Meyer because I need fritos for a potluck.  I hate paying full price for junk food.  It was $3.50!  Then I bought a bunch of produce because we're low.  I spent $12.43 all together.  I also popped into TJ's for some vegan cream cheese I heard about.  Everyone I've talked to says it gross, but my kiddo was really happy to have some schmear for her bagel.  It was $2.49.

DH requested baked potato soup for a potluck at work so I asked him to bring home the bacon . . . . and potatoes.  He spent approximately $9.00.

I got eggs Sunday from my friend!  I'm already over halfway through the 5 dozen. - $10

Milk - $12.86

Weekly total for Week 11: $65.77
Total year-to-date 2014: $519.45
Weekly Average so far:  $47.22


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