Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 14 - $317.82

So I've had no less than 3 people talk to me in the last couple of weeks about how to keep their grocery budget down.  I have to admit I don't feel like I'm much of an example of sticking to a budget recently and this week's shopping is no exception!  Sometimes the stocking up saves money in the long run, but these are big numbers.  I am buying more and more organic foods which also drives the numbers up, but I am trying to apply the same shopping principles I've always used.

Fred Meyer seems to be my Monday night hang out!  I often stop after my accountability group since it's on my way home.  This week I spent $19.95 on 2 bricks of cheese, a bag of Doritos (seriously, my weakness) a half gallon of almond milk, a 3# bag of organic potatoes and 2 clearance produce bags at $1.00 each with organic apples inside.

I made a really big trip to Fred Meyer again on Tuesday because of the cheese sale and a baby deal where if you spend $40 you get a coupon for $10 off next time.  I spent a whopping $108.24.

The big expense this trip was 2 boxes of organic formula and 4 packages of organic beef that were on clearance.  I Really debated bout the meat, but in the end decided $5.99/lb for organic pot roast & stew beef was a great price.  I have 25 pounds of ground beef I was really happy to get for $4.99/lb, but I've been using conventional beef for stews & crockpot roasts.  I realized if I wanted to switch to organic, this was the price to do it.  Also, I have barely had to buy formula since Baby Boy was born in October.  This is going to be a big hit to the budget since he'll still be on formula for another six months.  Anyway I also got cereal, organic ketchup, clearance canned pineapple, clearance green apples, some baby puffs, Doritos (for the kids this time), and clearance fresh mozzarella.  I was really annoyed that I got charged $0.15 for paper bags!

Next was Costco where I spent $87.71 on organic flour, organic diced tomatoes, organic tomato sauce, organic fruit snacks, organic mac'n'cheese, organic feta, organic peanut butter, non-GMO curry, and conventional lettuce.  I groaned at the check out realizing I was over $200 for the week.

I went to QFC Friday for raspberries, angel food cake and cream cheese for a recipe I was making that night. I found a ton on clearance including more organic beef on clearance and a bunch of sausage on clearance.  I picked up a gallon of milk, some slivered and sliced almonds, organic yogurt, organic mushrooms and a bag of onions.  That meat racked up a big bill again, but I was hoping they'd have it like Fred Meyer had the day before and I was glad to find it.  I spent $77.42.
Saturday I was in Monroe for a birthday party so I popped into the Grocery Outlet to see if I could find that So Delicious GF/DF mac'n'cheese, but no dice.  I did pick up 3 packages of organic yogurt cups for $0.79 each though.  Then, since I only had one kid with me and the cheese sale was ending at Fred Meyer, I stopped for the cheese again, found sourdough for $1.99, organic milk for $3.19 (not pictured) and got a daiya cheese shreds for DD2.  Everything in the photo cost $23.32.

I also found a receipt I missed from last week when I went to County Market for their $0.59 eggs.  I got the 2 dozen I was allowed and spent $1.18.

And this week was a whopping $317.82
My YTD Total is: $1,915.19
Weekly Average is: $136.80.  This is so huge.  Last year's average at this point was just $81.14.  

Love, Katie

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