Friday, April 15, 2016

Defrosting the Freezer - Day 1

I usually defrost the freezer by the end of April so I can unplug it and save energy all summer.  This year, it's not going to happen that soon.  I haven't been able to focus on using up my stores, but I just can't leave my freezer any longer!

I can't even see what's in here!

My inside freezer doesn't have much space to put stuff.

Another view of the inside freezer.

First step, pack the bottom drawer TIGHT.

Move frozen grapes and organic chicken from outside freezer door onto bottom shelf .
After several hours there is still ice several inches thick.

Everything from the door is in the inside freezer.

The bottom shelf wasn't completely iced over so I have to prioritize those items, too.

My goal is to be able to clsoe the door completely and find out what's buried under all that ice.  I will plug it back in and be on the lookout for a new freezer soon!


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