Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thankful Thursday

I'm pretty blessed by a Wonderful Savior.  And it sure helps me to remember when I make a list of things He's given me.

Today I'm thankful for:

  • The Holy Spirit, without whom I wouldn't be able to keep my temper in check
  • A great team of professionals who are helping us navigate challenges with a kiddo
  • A great conversation with a teacher today & a new idea to try - enzymes.
  • The long life of an old, free freezer.  
  • DH's diligence in trying to sell our old car
  • Finally starting a landscaping project that's been stalled for a couple of years.
  • Kids who like healthy food, like asparagus
  • My SIL's willingness to come stay with our kids while DH and I get away
  • Our friends who offered to let us stay at their condo in Hawaii for free!
  • A great mama who knows me and understands me
  • New friendships and encouraging conversation
  • Office Supplies!  
  • Gracious friends
  • My accountability ladies who pray for and love me
  • A happy, healthy son
  • My uncle's excellent care at Johns Hopkins
  • Sunshine!
  • Good, quick chats this week with both of my sisters
Love, Katie

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