Monday, April 18, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 16 - $144.71

Another OK week, but still too big spending wise.

Monday afternoon I stopped at QFC and I found a bunch of clearance deals.  Organic milk was $2.89, soy yogurt was $2.79, organic ground beef was $3.99/lb, and I picked up some organic uncured bacon to try for $5.49.  I spent $51.07.

Friday I stopped in at Safeway for some chips I was bringing to our Bible Study small group.  I spent $9.95.

Saturday afternoon I shopped at Fred Meyer. I bought coconut milk, organic cucumbers, sour cream, organic baby formula, and gf/df pizza.  I found apples on clearance and organic lettuce on clearance.   I spent $28.87.

I also went to Safeway for the $0.99 eggs and was pleased to find daiya cheese on sale for $3.99.  I bought a few oranges, 3# onions and a tangelo.  I also am trying a 'cleaner' cream that was $2.10 and found a gf/df pudding to try.  I forgot to check my receipt though.  The pudding was supposed to be 50% off, but the cashier didn't scan the discount sticker so I paid a ridiculous $3.99 for a 4 pack of pudding.  Yeesh.  I spent $24.88.

DH and I were on a date Saturday night and stopped at the grocery store.  He's nice to me like that. Lol.  We found these clearance cereals for $1.29 each.

And I thought I was done for the week, but ended up at Fred Meyer late Sunday night and found 3 huge carts full of markdowns.  I was really selective because the pantry is bulging already and still found lots of stuff.  I bought all the generic canned pineapple for $0.59/can.  I did NOT get the name brand cans for $0.89/can. I found spaghetti sauce for $0.39 each.  I use this as pizza sauce or as the beginning of a sauce I add lots of other ingredients to.  Granola bars were $1.29, olives were $0.49, tuna fish was $0.39, kidney beans were $0.29, diced chiles were $0.79, organic tomatoes were $0.69, diced mangos for $0.69, and tomatoes with jalapenos were $0.29. Baby formula was $8.99 after a $10 off coupon. I spent $26.07.

Total Week 16: $144.71
Total 2016 YTD: $2,215.57
Weekly Average: $138.47


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