Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016 Groceries Week 17 - $59.19

It was a light shopping week - yay!

First stop was Fred Meyer for a gallon of milk on Monday night.  I also bought 1# lunchmeat for $3.69, 2# shredded cheese for $4.99, 3# organic potatoes for $1.99, and clearance bell peppers for a total of $3.00,  I spent $17.91 on groceries.

My sweet friend picked these up for me at her local Grocery Outlet.  They were about $10 (still need to give my friend the cash).

I went to Fred Meyer again on Saturday for more milk. Organic gallon was $4.99 on sale, Coconut Milk half gallons were $2.00 each.  I picked up a loaf of bread for $1.34, organic celery for $1.45, organic baby carrots for $1.50/lb, 3 oranges, organic hummus for $2.99, and 2# shredded cheese again for $4.99.  I spent $25.30.

Finally, I dashed into Albertson's after church today.  We can't have family movie night without butter for the popcorn!  It was a whopping $3.99 and I grabbed tortillas, too, for fajitas.  I need to use up those bell peppers. I spent $5.98 on the two items.

I am so relieved to finally have a small spending week.  The bigger totals have really been making me doubt my grocery shopping prowess!  Lol.

Week 17 Total: $59.19
Year-to-Date 2016: $2,274.76
Weekly Average: $133.81.


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