Saturday, April 9, 2016

Buying Organic Beef in Bulk at Kroger Stores

The last two weeks of grocery shopping have had an interesting situation.

I ran across organic beef on clearance at a Fred Meyer I don't usually go to.   I bought the beef and wondered if my regular Fred Meyer might have it.

I didn't get to my normal Freddie's very soon, but found the same beef on clearance at my neighborhood QFC.  It made sense since Fred Meyer and QFC are both Kroger stores that they would have received deliveries on the same day/had the same batch of meat.

With that in mind I checked the other neighborhood QFC (they're only a few blocks apart - strange, but both do a pretty brisk business), but they did NOT have the beef on clearance.

When I finally made it to my normal Fred Meyer fully 6 days after I found the first batch of organic beef, they had it!  I was really pleased to find it.

I also use Fred Meyer and QFC printed or mailed coupons interchangeably.  They're the same company so the codes all ring up at either store.  For example, a catalina coupon might print for $2.00/5 boxes of GM cereal when I've just bought some GM cereal at Fred Meyer.  It says
Fred Meyer right on the coupon, but the next week I can use it at QFC when their GM cereal is on sale (without limits like Fred Meyer usually has).

In another similar circumstance the last two weeks, I have been hunting for So Delicious GF/DF Mac'n'Cheese.  I found it for the bargain price of $1.29/box at Grocery Outlet in Bellevue and went back the next weekend for more only to find they had a single remaining box.  When I lamented on Facebook a friend suggested I call around to other Grocery Outlets and see if they had it.  So Smart!  Additionally, I was near another Grocery Outlet in an outlying town over the weekend, but they didn't have any.  I found a store that had it about half hour drive away and a friend who lives near it said she'd so and pick any up for me.  Hooray!  And boo that there aren't more Grocery Outlets close to where I live.

Lesson: When you find a great unadvertised deal,  check at other stores of the same company if you'd like more product. 


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