Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Oh my kids are sick!  Nothing like 4 of 5 kids up in the night to rob me of a good nights sleep.  But Praise the Lord, almost all of my nights are full of excellent sleep.

I'm thankful for:

  • excellent sleep 99% of the time, even with an infant
  • 6 months of joy with our little guy
  • an unexpected day off from co-op today because of the kids' sickness
  • a better mortgage rate from a new mortgage guy than the one I had planned to go with for our refinance
  • that we can refinance!  We have a small 2nd mortgage at a high interest rate from when we purchased this house and it's driven me crazy for 9 years!
  • my husband's great job
  • our great insurance. Even though figuring out how to get reimbursements is a challenge, I am thankful we are covered to see our non-insurance-billing naturopath.
  • a great chat with my neighbor yesterday afternoon.  I feel like busy-ness keeps me from taking advantage of opportunities to connect with people.  But yesterday I took the time.
  • finding a bag of hand-me-downs stashed and forgotten on a shelf in my garage when they were too big for my girls, but now they fit! 
  • my city's recycling event where we were able to take a trailer full of wood, insulation, and concrete chunks thus avoiding the dump
  • a great evening with ladies from my Classical Conversations community last weekend
  • my husband's art class being cancelled for the Spring Quarter.  He's been so busy working on book editing that NOT teaching will be a big relief.  Praise the Lord who works these things out.
  • beautiful weather 
  • friends who remind me that I am good at frugal grocery shopping even though my spending has sure increased 
  • for renewed joy in resourcefulness
Love, Katie

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